DFDS Seaways Ferries


Routes: 12

Shortest Crossing: Calais - Dover 1 hr 30 min

Most Popular Route': Dover - Calais

DFDS Seaways Ferries


Amsterdam IJmuiden to Newcastle / Newcastle to Amsterdam IJmuiden
7 crossings weekly
16 hr 45 min
Calais to Dover / Dover to Calais
12 crossings daily
1 hr 30 min
Copenhagen to Oslo / Oslo to Copenhagen
7 crossings weekly
17 hr 15 min
Dieppe to Newhaven / Newhaven to Dieppe
2 crossings daily
4 hr
Dover to Dunkirk / Dunkirk to Dover
10 crossings daily
2 hr
Frederikshavn to Oslo / Oslo to Frederikshavn
6 crossings weekly
9 hr 30 min

Company «DFDS Seaways» offers to the clients a vast ferry network for trips on the countries of Europe.

DFDS Seaways Ferries
DFDS Seaways Ferries
DFDS Seaways Ferries

Features of our ferries

The assortment of services of organization includes both small cruises on different tourist centers and protracted ferriages on Europe and Scandinavia for passengers that travel on the personal auto.

During a ferry ferriage will not be to miss on courts restaurants, cafe, and also entertaining infrastructure for all family, are equipped. Separate attention is spared to safety of passengers – organization observes antiviral recommendations responsibly.

People that travel on the personal car can take with itself animals. If you travel without an auto, then it is possible to order bus turns from guides that will allow to visit the sign places of the visited countries.

About a company «DFDS Seaways Ferries» 

«DFDS Seaways» it was founded in 1866 by the businessman of К. by Frederic. She was an association of a few small navigable organizations of Denmark. During 155 organization broadened actively, that had allowed to become one of the largest ferry operators her in the world.

Now you it is possible to carry out ferriages between Denmark, Great Britain, France, Norway, Holland, and also on the Baltic sea.

Points of setting

Key routes during all term of existence of organization it is been:

  • Newcastle-Amsterdam.
  • Oslo-Copenhagen.
  • Harwich-Esbjerg.

For the last decade the list of routes was considerably extended due to acquisition of other navigable companies with their included in a group «DFDS Seaways».

Advantages of company 

  • Quality and effective support of clients is in different situations.
  • Interesting and various routes.
  • Presence of modern ferries that is equipped by all necessary for a comfort trip.
  • Trips are assumed with a car and animals.

Company «DFDS Seaways» offers interesting and accessible ferriages between the European metropolises. To become familiar with accessible services, and also book ticket you can only for a few clicks on our web-site.