Grimaldi Lines Ferries


Routes: 28

Shortest Crossing: Brindisi - Corfu 6 hr 30 min

Most Popular Route': Brindisi - Igoumenitsa

Grimaldi Lines Ferries


Barcelona to Civitavecchia / Civitavecchia to Barcelona
5 crossings weekly
20 hr
Barcelona to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Barcelona
3 crossings weekly
12 hr 15 min
Brindisi to Corfu / Corfu to Brindisi
2 crossings weekly
6 hr 30 min
Brindisi to Igoumenitsa / Igoumenitsa to Brindisi
1 crossings daily
7 hr 30 min
Cagliari to Naples / Naples to Cagliari
2 crossings weekly
13 hr
Cagliari to Palermo / Palermo to Cagliari
2 crossings weekly
11 hr
Civitavecchia to Olbia / Olbia to Civitavecchia
7 crossings weekly
7 hr 30 min
Civitavecchia to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Civitavecchia
3 crossings weekly
7 hr 15 min
Civitavecchia to Tunis / Tunis to Civitavecchia
1 crossings weekly
18 hr
Livorno to Olbia / Olbia to Livorno
1 crossings daily
9 hr
Livorno to Palermo / Palermo to Livorno
6 crossings weekly
19 hr 30 min
Palermo to Salerno / Salerno to Palermo
2 crossings weekly
9 hr 30 min
Palermo to Tunis / Tunis to Palermo
2 crossings weekly
10 hr
Salerno to Tunis / Tunis to Salerno
2 crossings weekly
22 hr

Company «Grimaldi Ferries» it is considered one of the most senior ferry operators in the world and binds ports of Europe to Western and North Africa.

Grimaldi Lines Ferries
Grimaldi Lines Ferries
Grimaldi Lines Ferries

Points of setting

To the clients «Grimaldi Ferries» routes are offered between Spain, Greece, Sicily, Sardinia, Morocco, Malta and Tunis. The travellers tourist routes are offered to both on Europe and in the countries of Africa. The assortment of services of organization includes the great number of ferriages between large, and also small ports of different cities.

About a company 

«Grimaldi Ferries» it was founded as early as 14 century. During all term of the existence she was based in Italy. Such long term of existence and successful work she is under an obligation by permanent introduction of front-rank technologies.

A company is included in a group «Grimaldi Group» together with operators «Finnlines» and «Minoan Lines». Their collaboration not only extends the list of possible directions of trip but also increases an amount accessible to the clients of ferries.


  • Variety of routes.
  • Presence of discounts and bonus suggestions.
  • High quality of service on ferries.

Features of navigable company «Grimaldi Lines  Ferries» 

Fleet «Grimaldi Ferries» consists of the newest comfortable ferries. All services that is needed for a merry pastime are onboard envisaged. Travellers can visit restaurants, bars, playgrounds etc. Life on courts boils both in the day-time and at night, that allows in full to enjoy rest.

The permanent clients of organization bonuses are accessible to as discounts on different routes and ferries. In the list of services companies also enter lease of cars, reserving of hotels, insurance of passengers and luggage.

«Grimaldi Ferries» gives complex service to the clients, that allows to submerge in a trip without the superfluous caring. Due to bonuses and discounts of service of company accessible even to the travellers with a limit budget, that want to get the bright impressions. On our web-site you can become familiar with accessible directions, and also book ticket.