Hanil Express Ferries

Hanil Express Ferries

Hanil Express is one of the largest ferry companies in South Korea, which carries out domestic crossings.

Hanil Express Ferries
Hanil Express Ferries
Hanil Express Ferries

Ferry routes

The organization specializes in crossings from Wando, which is on the mainland, to the islands of Chengdu and Chuja, as well as back. These are beautiful cruise routes along the Yellow Sea, allowing you to see the beautiful coastal nature of the region, as well as amazing seascapes. It takes an average of one and a half to two hours to overcome the distance between the mainland and the islands.

About the organization

The operator has been active for more than 60 years. During this time, he managed to transport a huge number of passengers, transport and cargo. The Hanil Express fleet includes 3 large cargo and passenger ferries capable of carrying from 500 passengers and 60 cars.

Each ship is equipped with many spacious and cozy cabins with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable rest. During the crossing, passengers can walk along a spacious viewing platform, observing beautiful views passing by.

Inside the vessel are equipped with comfortable recreation areas, as well as cafes and bars, in which you can have a good time for a cup of soft drink.


  • A large number of short scheduled flights.
  • The availability of many passenger and cargo seats, which greatly simplifies the purchase of a ticket.
  • Excellent service and a large number of entertainment services with amenities on board.

"Hanil Express" offers everyone cheap and pleasant tourist ferry services. Using the company's services, you can not only quickly get to the Korean islands, but also relax well on board. For convenience, you should book a ferry ticket in advance. You can do this, as well as study the work schedule on our website.