Ocean Tokyu


Routes: 6

Shortest Crossing: Kitakyushu - Tokushima 14 hr 20 min

Ocean Tokyu


Kitakyushu to Tokushima / Tokushima to Kitakyushu
7 crossings weekly
14 hr 20 min
Kitakyushu to Tokyo / Tokyo to Kitakyushu
7 crossings weekly
43 hr 30 min
Tokushima to Tokyo / Tokyo to Tokushima
7 crossings weekly
18 hr 10 min

The company «Ocean Tokyu» offers ferry services between several islands in Japan. By taking advantage of its services, you can get to one of the following port cities:

  • Tokyo.
  • Tokushima.
  • Kitakyushu.
Ocean Tokyu
Ocean Tokyu
Ocean Tokyu

The ferry ride is not only an efficient way to travel around the country, but also a great way to explore its colorful landscapes. The company's routes pass through the beautiful Japanese bays and the coasts of many major cities, making it possible to view them from the sea, enjoy the country's aesthetics, and take many beautiful photos. You can also take a ferry.

Information on operator services

«Ocean Tokyu» offers voyages around Japan on high-speed boats and large tourist ferries. Passengers are offered numerous comfortable cabins with 1, 2 and 4 beds for a comfortable time on board.

Separate mention should be made of the special cabins for people travelling with pets. For four-legged pets there are special sleeping places where they can comfortably wait for the crossing. The cabins are always cleaned and equipped with all the amenities necessary for a good rest.

There are no restaurants or bars aboard the ferries, but travelers are offered a convenient alternative – vending machines, which can be used at any time of the day. You can buy a wide variety of food from them, ready-to-eat or frozen (cooking equipment is available in the cabins).

For entertainment on board, there are play areas for adults and children, small cinemas, as well as cozy pleasure grounds. The latter offer a beautiful view of the amazing beauty of Japan.

Positives of the organization

  • A large number of flights that are easy to get on
  • A variety of cabins and on-board leisure options
  • High quality customer service with sensitivity to their needs.

You can book your ferry in advance to visit the most beautiful places in Japan simply by using our website.