Sark Shipping Ferries


Routes: 2

Shortest Crossing: Guernsey - Sark 55 min

Sark Shipping Ferries


Guernsey to Sark / Sark to Guernsey
3 crossings daily
55 min

The ferry company «Sark Shipping» operates crossings between the small tourist island of Sark and the port of Guernsey. It offers both passenger and cargo transportation. And the company is the only operator of ferries serving the island of Sark (its headquarters is located there as well).

Sark Shipping Ferries
Sark Shipping Ferries
Sark Shipping Ferries

Founded in 1969, the organization has grown rapidly over more than 50 years to become one of Normandia's largest carriers. Every year, it serves more than 45,000 customers, including tourists from all over the world. In doing so, the company plays a vital role in inter-island trade by transporting a variety of goods by sea.

About «Sark Shipping» Services

The main tourist season on Sark is from April through October – during this period, the organization offers the highest number of voyages. In other periods it still provides a ferry service between the islands, but the ferries run a little less frequently. Tourists and locals can travel between the islands at any time (except on major holidays).

The key idea of the operator is to provide a stable and reliable ferry service and to provide the best and most customer-friendly service possible. It manifests not only in high efficiency of transportation of various cargoes.

«Sark Shipping» has several large passenger ferries equipped with comfortable resting places on the way. It also offers passengers a responsive service designed to help them in any situation.

It takes no more than an hour to sail between the islands. The high speed of transportation is ensured by modern ships equipped with powerful engines. During this short voyage, you will be able to admire the beauties of Normandia and the La-Manche Strait from the comfortable viewing platforms.

Company Benefits

  • High frequency flights
  • Comfortable passenger and freight transportation.
  • affordable prices.

To use «Sark Shipping» you can buy your ferry ticket in advance with our website.