Searoad Ferries

Searoad Ferries

«Searoad Ferries» – a ferry organization that operates crossings between Sorrento and Queenscliff across Port-Phillip Bay. The company's customers are offered both passenger and freight transportation on large ferries.

Searoad Ferries
Searoad Ferries
Searoad Ferries

About «Searoad Ferries»

The organization, originally founded in 1987, was called «Peninsula Searoad Ferries». It was created to provide freight and passenger ferry service through Port-Phillip for local residents and organizations. Over time, the operator has expanded its fleet and the number of terminals available to travelers, allowing it to greatly enhance its service to out-of-state travelers.

In 2011, the organization rebranded itself to its current name and expanded its customer services. Another major step was the modernization of the fleet.

The latter currently includes two large cargo-passenger ferries, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The latter allows ensuring a high level of safety during periods of adverse weather conditions that periodically arise in the region.

The ships have comfortable seating areas for relaxation during the crossing, as well as viewing platforms from which you can observe the seascapes alternating overboard during the crossing. Other amenities – restaurants, stores with souvenir and tourist products, as well as TVs and free Wi-Fi on board. All of these will keep travelers from getting bored during their stay on board.

The organization also has units that offer several varieties of tours of Australia's most interesting places (both walking and off-roading).

Benefits of «Searoad Ferries»

  • The availability of modern ferries that ensure the safe transportation of people and cargo.
  • A wide range of additional services for travelers.
  • High quality service on board.

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