Canary Islands Canary Islands

When the phrase the Canary Islands comes to mind, one thinks of something magical, distant and very beautiful. And indeed, this island archipelago, which is extremely popular with tourists, is famous for its beautiful beaches, amazing tropical nature, as well as year-round sea vacations and exciting trips on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Canaries are an archipelago of a large number of islands, of which only the 7 largest have special significance. They are key tourist centers of the region, connected to each other and to the mainland by the developed seaports. Most of the infrastructure of the islands is connected to the latter.

Canary Islands
Canary Islands
Canary Islands

Popular Canary Islands and their ports

The most popular among tourists are the 7 largest islands of the archipelago, each of which deserves special attention:

  • Tenerife. An island with an excellent tourist infrastructure, a huge port, as well as the famous volcano Teide, which has divided Tenerife into 2 main climate zones.
  • Gran Canaria. The maximum contrast island, which has a lot of different natural zones with its own special flavor. It is home to a large passenger port.
  • Fuerteventura. A big but almost untouched by man island with beautiful beaches. Signs of civilization are only a port and a small village near it.
  • Lanzarote. An island with exotic volcanic landscapes (it has about 300 volcanoes!) And an important transportation hub.
  • El Hierro. A small but very diverse and beautiful island with a convenient port.
  • La Palma. Famous for its lush vegetation, rocky shores, and a variety of marine activities.
  • La Gomera. Not the most popular, but a very interesting island with a beautiful national park.

The ports of the Canary Islands offer a wide variety of high-speed and leisurely routes on fast catamarans and comfortable ferries. You can buy in advance a ticket for the route you are interested in, using our website.

In the ports of the Canary Islands a variety of fast and comfortable catamarans and ferries are available.