Holland Holland

Holland – country of tulips, windmills and channels, and also prominent artists, porcelain and clogs. Actually Netherlands – it far more than the enumerated stereotypes. One of the most picturesque states of Western Europe is famous unusual nature, ancient cities and enormous amount of locks. Greater part of country is subjacent sea level, and natural resources very limit, therefore Dutchmen behave to them with deep respect.


Ferry report

Netherlands from a north and west are washed the North sea, the large полноводные rivers the river-beds of that are connected by numerous channels flow on territory of country. It assists development of river and marine navigation. Ferriage – comfortable and accessible method to travel on water together with the personal transport. To reserve a ticket on a ferry more comfortable than all on-line. A fare depends on direction, day of week and comfort.

Basic ferry routes of Holland

A bridge a ferriage that connects Amsterdam in Netherlands and Newcastle in Great Britain serves as between two European states. A ferry arrives in port of Newcas upon Tyne and plies every day. Time on the way – 16 hours 30 minutes. Among other popular routes following:

  • Harwich– Hook van Holland (time on the way – about 9 hours);
  • Killing – Hook van Holland (a ferry is intended for transportation of trucks);
  • Lymeiden – Newcastle;
  • Hull – Rotterdam.

Services of transportation carry out to the company DFDS Seaways, StenaLine, P&O Ferries. Ordering tickets on a ferry is needed beforehand. It will allow substantially to economize, and also reserve a comfortable cabin or place in a business-class for maximal comfort.

Trip to Holland – it is possibility to see that the historical past harmoniously and uniquely combines with technologies of modern life. The habitants of Netherlands do not quite experience about the future, and in a budget the item of expenses is even absent on a defensive. Holland – peaceful, open and free country, a trip in that will present the great number of wonderful remembrances.