Orkney Orkney

The Orkney Islands are a group of 70 islands, most of which are completely deserted. The main population of the islands lives on 17 islands, the largest of which are Mainland Island, with the cities of Kirkool and Stromness. In the north, the largest inhabited islands are North Ronaldsay, Westrey Papa - Westrey and Edey.


The inhabited islands in the south are Scapa-Flo, Hoy, Barrey and South Ronaldsay.

The Peerage Gallery of Art (Stromness) will introduce a collection of paintings by famous artists who portrayed Orkney landscapes. In addition to these museums, the Orkney Wireless Museum, The Smiddy Museum, Stromness Museum, Longhope Lifeboat Museum and the specialized military museum Sanday Heritage Center are open to tourists.

A visit to the Scotch whisky factory, followed by tasting, will allow you to share your impressions of the islands of the archipelago, in a very relaxed atmosphere.

For tourists, the Orkney Islands are interesting for their intact nature and striking finds of monuments of the Neolithic era, which are annually replenished by the results of ongoing excavations. The archipelago has the highest concentration of evidence of ancient cultures in Europe. The first find was a group of seven Stone Age houses excavated on the shore of Skya Bay. The exposition now open gives an idea of ​ ​ the life and life of people who settled on the islands 3000 years BC.

Connoisseurs of amazing seascapes, strict beauty of coastal rocks can admire beautiful paintings created by nature from rocks 300 meters high.

Orkney Archipelago ferry service

All large and small islands are connected by regular ferry service. Ferries of Orkney Ferries, John o'Groats Ferries and Causeway Coaches operate flights in any weather. The slightest changes in the schedule or ticket prices are instantly displayed on our website. You can get the latest information about ferry services and book a ticket for any flight, also using the website of ferry operators.

Proximity to Scotland and England makes tourist voyages to the Orkney Islands accessible and simple. For connoisseurs of ancient cultures, visiting the archipelago will be a real event.