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An island state in the heart of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has long been a colony of Spain, and has been used as a huge plantation cultivated by the Darmian labor force.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

Today it is a freely associated state under the administration of the United States.

Insanely beautiful nature, picturesque beaches with clear water, sights in the form of monuments of colonial history, helped turn Puerto Rico into a paradise for tourists, while providing a high level of service.

To the services of tourists who prefer active recreation, Puerto Rico has created conditions for surfing (there are waves of up to 15 meters!), Diving (clean waters and intact reefs), or sea fishing.

The amazing castle of Castillo de San Felipe del Morro (1539) will certainly interest antiquity lovers, the Camuy cave complex (228 caves and 17 entrances), the third largest on the planet, is also worthy of attention.

In the old city of San Juan, you can admire the ancient houses of 150 years of construction, view the local museum of the Native American people of Tiano, and look at the clothes of conquerors ​ - conquistadors, their guns, and muskets.

The nature of the places here is a separate category of recreation, and it looks like a beautiful fairy tale. Literally every centimeter of the archipelago's surface is full of life, dense forests are struck by the diversity of flora and fauna. More than 240 species of plants, 100 species of ferns and 50 species of flowers (orchids, including), cover all islands with a dense, evergreen carpet. Birds, represented by 17 species, 40 species of amphibians and reptiles, fill the forests with the silent noise of life.

Some species, like the Puerto Rican bog or the Coqui frog, can only be found here.

Movement between the islands is carried out by ferry crossings.

Puerto Rico ferry service

The port of San Juan is one of the largest cruise ports in the world. Ferries Del Caribe provides regular service between Puerto Rico (port of San Juan) and the Dominican Republic (Santa Domingo). You can find out about the schedule, prices for travel, get full information about the move, using our website, where information is regularly updated. With the help of the site you can book a ticket for the required flight and time.

Of the millions of tourists who have visited Puerto Rico, so far no one has been critical of the fine recreation and beauty of nature that accompany a traveler in the archipelago. The best chance to see for yourself is to visit Puerto Rico.