Adria Ferries


Routes: 4

Shortest Crossing: Bari - Durres 7 hr

Adria Ferries


Ancona to Durres / Durres to Ancona
6 crossings weekly
15 hr
Bari to Durres / Durres to Bari
1 crossings daily
7 hr

A company «Adria Ferries» is specialized on ferry ferriages from Italy to Albania and back.

Adria Ferries
Adria Ferries
Adria Ferries

Features «Adria Ferries»

The fleet of organization includes only 3 ferries, however each of them behaves to the class the first «class». All ships are equipped by plenty of spacious cabins, garages for cars, restaurants and cafe, by entertaining zones for adults and children. Due to it trips between a continent and islands become unforgettable and give the great number of positive emotions.

The clients offered to premium sets essence of that consists in that for an additional pay a passenger gets insurance (medical and for luggage) with coverage, possibility of change of the data, and also additional privileges at service onboard.

Actions are often conducted with discounts on trips by different routes, or on certain ferries. They allow considerably to economize on the purchase of tickets (to 50т of their cost).

About a company 

«Adria Ferries» works from 2004 and now is the largest ferryman between Italy and Albania. In times of existence of company her clients a few million persons became. In property of organization there is a ferry of AF Claudia, that is the largest in Adriatic, - he contains to 1 500 persons.

Our advantages

  • Presence of the discount programs and actions.
  • Comfort arrangement and variety of service on courts.
  • Grant of additional guarantees to the passengers.

Points of setting

Sitting down on a ferry is possible in Italian ports Trieste, Bari, Ancona. An eventual point is port of Durres in Albania. Landing in Bari will allow to overcome the Adriatic sea in a short space of time. If to sit down in Ancona, then it is possible to submerge in more protracted trip.

The clients of «Adria Ferries» maximally quality service and safety are offered to onboard, that will allow with a comfort to get to the point of setting. you can beforehand become familiar with the curriculum of ferries and book ticket on our web-site.