Red Funnel Ferries


Routes: 2

Shortest Crossing: East Cowes - Southampton 1 hr

Most Popular Route': Southampton - East Cowes

Red Funnel Ferries


East Cowes to Southampton / Southampton to East Cowes
19 crossings daily
1 hr

The «Red Funnel Ferries» company operates ferry services between Southampton and the Isle of Wight in Great Britain. It offers passenger, freight and car services.

Red Funnel Ferries
Red Funnel Ferries
Red Funnel Ferries

About Red Funnel Ferries

The ferry operator has been in operation since the mid-19th century and is one of England's largest shipping companies. Throughout its history, the organization has changed the routes it serves, currently connecting the mainland with the Isle of Wight. The operator has a diverse fleet of vessels, including both purely cargo-passenger and motor carriers. The former include ferries:

  • «Red Jet 4»
  • «Red Jet 6».
  • «Red Jet 7».

The company's list of car ferries includes several members of the «MV Red» – Falcon, Osprey, Eagle, and Kestrel line. Most of the organization's current vessels were built in the early noughties.

Features of the ferry service

«Red Funnel Ferries» specializes primarily in fast crossings, offering efficient routes between parts of Great Britain. All of its ships provide all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay – seating areas, walking areas, free Wi-Fi, play areas, and small restaurants and cafes.

The operator is a great place to spend your time.

The operator accepts passengers with pets, for which there is a separate room on almost every ferry. The company also offers its customers the opportunity to cancel their reservations a few hours prior to departure without losing their money. Cargo ferries «Red Funnel Ferries» also accept dangerous goods with escort.

Benefits of the organization

  • A wide range of services for tourists and people looking to move any kind of cargo
  • Large fleet of modern vessels for a variety of purposes
  • High quality service on board and a loyal attitude to customers.

You can book your ferry in advance on our website to enjoy our «Red Funnel Ferries services. Here you can also see the current ferry timetable.