Trasmapi Ferries

Trasmapi Ferries

Trasmapi – is a large shipping company that was founded in 1975. The organization specializes in passenger transportation, providing high quality service and taking care of customer safety. Trasmapi also pays special attention to environmental protection, regularly introducing new methods to reduce the load on ecological systems. The ferries, in particular, use low-energy engines.

Trasmapi Ferries
Trasmapi Ferries
Trasmapi Ferries

Benefits of Trasmapi Ferries

The company's fleet consists of modern and large ferries, among them – Formentera Jet, Eivissa Jet, Ibiza Jet and others. Every year, the company's ferries transport over one million passengers.

Air conditioning, comfortable seating and outdoor seating areas allow you to enjoy the sun during your trip, as well as a bar. Playgrounds are equipped for children.


Trasmapi provides a ferry service between the islands of the Balearic archipelago, in particular the largest of them – Formentera and Ibiza. The voyage lasts only 45 minutes, so there are no cabins on the ferry.

Some of the ships are designed to carry not only passengers but also vehicles. When booking your ticket you will be able to familiarize yourself with the features and, if necessary, note the availability of a vehicle.

Special features 

Frequency of crossings depends on the season. In the summer, for example, there are more than twenty daily flights between the Pitius Islands. It is most convenient to book the ferry ticket online, choosing the best date and time of the departure.

Trasmapi very often offers discounts and great deals for passengers. For example, for large families, students, regular customers we offer the most favorable conditions.

For people with disabilities there are additional facilities. Also on Trasmapi ferries it is possible to travel with pets provided that they have special permits and certificates and in this case it is not necessary to buy an extra ticket.

Luggage restrictions apply. Its weight may not exceed 20 kilograms if you are traveling without a vehicle.