Belgium Belgium

A kingdom is Belgium — it is the small European country that is famous, foremost, by the monuments of art and architecture, however and nature here staggering: magnificent mountains Ardenne, seashore, picturesque parks and gardens. Here many pleasure establishments – casino, bars, restaurants, night-clubs. In a menu dishes prevail from fish, meat, vegetables and marine products, and beer is considered one of the best in the world. To Belgium often organize thematic journeys, for example, in Bruges, to try a famous chocolate, or to Antwerp, where the best jeweller workshops work, and shops surprise the variety of diamonds.


How to reach in Kingdom Belgium

Getting to Belgium is possible by air, by a bus and on the personal car, with some countries there is a railway report. Because Belgium is washed waters of the North sea, here plenty of marine ports, where freight and passenger ships call. A ferry infrastructure is developed enough. Main port of Belgium — Зебрюгге, that is considered one of the largest in Europe.

Ferry routes of Belgium

With England there is a regular report on next directions:

  • Hull – Zeebrugge;
  • Zeebrugge – Hull ;
  • Purfleet – Zeebrugge;
  • Zeebrugge – Purfleet ;
  • Killingholm – Zeebrugge.

Also ply ships from Ireland en-route Dublin – Zeebrugge and back. Reserving tickets on the comfortable ferries of the known companies is possible on-line. Support of clients comes true around the clock. Advantage of ferry is in that is possibility to take with itself any load without limitations, including car.

In Belgium it is possible to rest on a beach or in SPA center, but tourists are mostly attracted by beautiful landscape and sights of this country. Here much medieval building, fortresses, temples, palaces, there is an ancient mill, university founded in the XV century. In the Belgian kingdom many interesting cultural measures pass: Festival of classic music, Fair of arts, theatricalized processions. Reaching to Belgium from Ireland and England is possible on a ferry.