Hungary Hungary

Numerous tourists visiting Hungary more than once note that the list of attractions in the country is so huge that even a long tourist trip does not allow you to visit at least a tenth of them.

And this is not surprising, because Hungary, having an ancient history, carefully stores its numerous monuments, which have been perfectly preserved to this day.


The capital of the state, the city of Budapest immediately provides the impatient traveler with his main pearl - Buda Castle (XIII century). The majestic and monumental structure is located on Mount Gellert, and its dome is visible from any point in the city center. And the night lighting of the castle makes it generally unique, and similar to the scenery for some fantastic - historical film. Inspect the castle complex during the day, there is nothing to do, even with a cursory study. Bypassing the largest castle, the royal palace and the Museum of the History of Budapest will take a lot of time. A visit to the Hungarian National Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art and the study of the remains of ancient Roman buildings, which are also located on the territory of the castle complex, will have to be postponed the next day.

Ferries in Hungary

Budapest, like all the Danube cities of Hungary, has a ferry service. Convenient and comfortable water transport allows you to take advantage of the opportunity to visit neighboring Austria (Vienna) in the summer months.

The new Nesmei-Dunaradwan ferry international crossing (Nszmely - Radvan nad Dunajom) connected Hungary and Slovakia, reducing the land distance between the countries to tourists.

With the help of the shipping company Mahart, Hungarian ferry services are always convenient and regular. Possible changes in ferry schedules, ticket prices and other important information are regularly updated on our website, as well as here you can book tickets in both directions, find out about discounts, preferential passes, and so on.

In total, Hungary has 5 major river ports: Cepel, Mohács, Budapest, Almasfusiito and Dunaujvaros. Regular ferry service has been established on the rivers Körös, Shaio, Somesh.

European service level and price moderation make Hungary very attractive for tourists. Countless historical and natural monuments of the country always turn recreation into an unforgettable and fascinating journey.