Normandy Normandy

The picturesque region of France is located only less than two hours from Paris. That is why Normandy is a favorite location for the rest of local residents. Cozy old cities, clean beaches and luxurious hotels, rural scenery and endless sea smoothness also attract tourists from all over the world.


Ferries: high-level service and scheduled flights

The region in northwestern France is washed by the widely known Channel, and the Seine flows through the territory of Normandy - one of the largest rivers in the entire state. This leads to the prevalence of water transport. Ferries run daily, offering passengers a service at a high level, including comfortable seats, entertainment for adults and children, cafes, as well as the opportunity to enjoy stunning landscapes and the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The availability of scheduled flights in both directions makes it easy to choose the most suitable crossing by booking a ticket online. In addition, the ferry is an opportunity to travel in your own car and not worry about restrictions on the weight of your luggage.

How to get to Normandy

The main port of the province is Le Havre, which ranks first in passenger traffic in France. Also of great importance is Diepp, located in Upper Normandy

Ferries depart from the UK from Portsmouth and Newhaven. Popular routes include:

  • Portsmouth - Can (travel time - up to seven hours, up to three flights daily);
  • Newhaven - Dieppe allows you to comfortably get from London to Normandy, spending 5 hours on the road).
  • The departure time and number of flights may vary depending on the seasons, so tickets need to be booked in advance.

One of the most picturesque regions of France is the birthplace of camembert cheese, and is also famous for its huge apple orchards and cider, pacifying provincial villages that inspire Claude Monet, and fashionable resorts. Normandy should at least be visited for the stunning fortress of San Michel, towering over a huge bay, and Gothic churches, from which it is breathtaking.