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A country of snowy mountains and huge waterfalls, the birthplace of Vikings and northern lights, Norway attracts tourists with harsh northern romance, a glorious history and unique landscapes of untouched nature. The homeland of Tour Heyerdahl and Fridtjof Nansen, a country of brave pioneers and warriors, Norway charms at first sight. Protecting the environment and caring for the environment is a major priority in Norwegian self-awareness, and this is manifested literally at every step.


The unique beauty of numerous fjords, the small but very cozy capital of Oslo, the polar exotic and luxurious ski resorts - Norway can attract anyone. The Kingdom of Norway, with its hospitable and welcoming population, with unique cuisine, where the freshest Norwegian salmon became the main dish, will appeal to those tourists who want to feel like a hero, researcher or pioneer. And seeing the northern lights, watching whales or polar bears, with a sense of their own heroism, they will have to get used to. Visiting the Lofoten Islands with their wild beauty and the world of marine animals and birds is a mandatory test for courage.

Depending on the region of the country where the excursion program is planned, the main types of recreation are determined.

Bergen, for example, is primarily fjords and glaciers, the legendary Flam railway, Viking history, kayaking, and, of course, hearty national cuisine.

Northwestern fjords are glaciers and highland serpentines, coupled with surfing, kayaking, trekking and habitual fishing.

Norway's northern region offers a polar circle, northern lights, fishing and Atlantic cruises.

Ferry service Norway

An integral part of the life of the fjord country is ferry service. In places where fjords deeply crash into land, which interferes with movement, you simply cannot do without a ferry crossing. Ferry service is established between even the smallest and most remote settlements in Norway. Flights are daily, making many stops along the coast.

Companies - carriers Color Line, Fjord Line, DFDS, Norled, Rodne Fjord Cruise and Stena Line operate domestic and external ferry flights, connecting Norway with Denmark, Germany (Kiel), Sweden (Strömstad). You can get acquainted with the most up-to-date information about the ferry schedule, travel rules, book a ticket for the necessary ferry using our website.

Anyone who has visited the fjords for a short time leaves in it a piece of his heart, which will call over time, to visit these beautiful lands again.