Hook of Holland to Harwich / Harwich to Hook of Holland
1 crossings daily
6 hr 30 min

In the English county Essex is located the off-shore animated city Harwich. A small settlement on east of Great Britain is washed waters of the North sea. Basic historical commemorative booklets that can be in detail examined only for a hour are compact located in old city.


Popular directions and basic ferrymen

At a marine harbour large cruise liners call periodically. The most popular voyage from port of Harwich is a ferriage in Hoek van Holland (Netherlands). Every week to 14 ferries set forth for the Dutch harbour. Duration of ferriage occupies on the average from seven hours. Tickets on a voyage it is possible to reserve on-line. Harwich now one company ― Stena Line serves only. Before tourists from this port could reach in Denmark, however a voyage in Esbjerg was anniented.

Advantages of company Stena Line

The operator of ferries provides safe and rapid ferriages on a sea from England to Netherlands. Passengers will be able to enjoy a journey in the day and night. On a modern side there are three bars, two restaurants, shop and even the cinema. There is the special zone on a ferry, where passengers will be able to take advantage of the trouble-free internet. Comfort cabins assist maximal relaxation, that will please to the quiet rest lovers.

A company Stena Line provides high service for clients with animals, also there are not limitations on luggage. To choose an optimal voyage, reserving tickets is needed beforehand.

Infrastructure of port

There is International port of Harwich on a south ripa Stour. On territory of marine harbour the railway station is located, therefore tourists will not have to squander time and money on that, to reach on a platform or in a terminal. There there is a hotel. The amount of trains increases considerably, when ferries arrive in port.

An infrastructure is comfortable not enough for tourists, although there are many stands for трейлеров and charging for electric cars, shops. On this account in port international cruise liners are often stopped not so.

Harwich is an excellent choice for tourists that plan to continue an acquaintance with England, or to leave to Netherlands. From a marine harbour it is possible quickly to reach on a railhead.