Bilbao to Rosslare / Rosslare to Bilbao
2 crossings weekly
27 hr 44 min
Cherbourg to Rosslare / Rosslare to Cherbourg
3 crossings weekly
18 hr 30 min
Cherbourg to Rosslare / Rosslare to Cherbourg
1 crossings weekly
16 hr 29 min
Fishguard to Rosslare / Rosslare to Fishguard
1 crossings daily
3 hr 15 min
Pembroke to Rosslare / Rosslare to Pembroke
2 crossings daily
4 hr 1 min

The southeast coast of Ireland is home to the small town of Rossler, primarily known for its modern seaport «Rossler Europort». It is one of the most important transport points for travelers in Ireland and Great Britain, allowing them to efficiently cover the distances between the largest port points of these countries.


The city itself is not particularly famous among tourists, as it cannot offer a wide variety of entertainment and festivities. It is primarily a transfer point – visitors to Rossler have easy access to the major Irish freeways, which provide quick access to the major tourist centers. There are several small restaurants, pubs and hotels in the city itself. There you can have a good rest in a calm and pleasant environment.

About the port of Rossler

The large part of its territory was formed by reclamation works. To date, modernization work aimed at expanding the port and increasing passenger traffic is actively continuing. The port is equipped with four berths, each of which is designed to provide ferry service to the following points:

  • Fishguard.
  • Pembroke Dock (Wales).
  • Sherbourg.
  • Roscoff (France)

Most of the ships that pass through the port – are cargo ships. They are used to import cars, various equipment and raw materials. Passenger ships are serviced as well. In the port tourists are offered several guest houses, hotels and restaurants, where it is possible to spend time in comfort while waiting for your voyage. It is possible to rent a car for a trip around Ireland.

Rossler Europort is served by several ferry operators:

  • «Irish Ferries».
  • «Brittany Ferries».
  • «Stena Line».

How to get to the port?

Rossler can be reached by car or train from almost any part of Ireland (the nearest airports are in Waterford and Dublin). Another option – ferry from the ports listed above. You can buy a ferry ticket in advance – just use our website.