Villa San Giovanni


Messina to Villa San Giovanni / Villa San Giovanni to Messina
30 crossings daily
20 min

Villa San Giovanni – a small town in southern Italy on the shores of the Straits of Messina, separating Italy from Sicily. Many things in the city are associated with the name of Giuseppe Garibaldi, through these places passed the famous "Crusade of a Thousand".

Villa San Giovanni
Villa San Giovanni
Villa San Giovanni

The E-45 – European automobile route of A category, long about 5 thousand kilometers, passes through Villa San Giovanni. The route begins in Sweden and ends in Sicily, the ferry crossing Villa-San Giovanni-Messina is part of this route.

Ferry service from Villa-San Giovanni

The ferry service between Villa San Giovanni and Messina in Sicily is provided by the companies Caronte&Tourist and Blueferries, the latter is part of the state-owned RFI group of railway companies and carries not only cars and trucks but also railway trains.

Passengers are not allowed on Blueferries ferries, you must have at least a moped with you, the crossing to Messina in this case costs 7 euros. The ferry of a passenger car costs from 60 euros. The ferries Blueferries leave from the pier every hour around the clock, the crossing also takes about an hour.

The ferries of the company Caronte&Tourist are much smaller and more mobile, they run 24 hours a day with short intervals, in total 168 trips per day. The crossing of the Strait of Messina on the Caronte&Tourist ferries takes only 20 minutes, if the weather does not interfere. The crossing for a pedestrian passenger costs 2.5 euros, the crossing for a passenger car costs from 35 euros.

Port of Villa San Giovanni

The port of Villa San Giovanni has two sections, located about a kilometer apart. The southern section is served by Blueferries rail ferries, the northern one – by Caronte&Tourist ferries.

The port of Villa San Giovanni can be reached from the International Airport of Lamezia, 120 Km. to the North. It takes about one and a half hours to reach it, often with a line of cars for loading in the last approximately 300 meters before the landing stage of the Caronte&Tourist.

Tourist infrastructure the port does not have, so you should arrive at the embarkation with tickets purchased online, you can do that on our website.