Barcelona to Alcudia / Alcudia to Barcelona
1 crossings daily
5 hr
Ciutadella to Alcudia / Alcudia to Ciutadella
3 crossings daily
1 hr 15 min
Toulon to Alcudia / Alcudia to Toulon
2 crossings weekly
10 hr

Initially, Port de Alcudia, located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, served as a haven for ships and had nothing but small berths and fishing houses.

Alcudia now has many entertainment establishments, luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. Along with this, tourists are offered beautiful sandy beaches, which like to lie on them and lie under the sun. The port from the city located in the bay was not removed, on the contrary, it was expanded, making it a convenient transport hub for travelers.


How do I get to the port?

From Mallorca International Airport you can get to the port by tourist bus or taxi, which are located right at the exit from it. Various public transport travels from large settlements of the island, which also stops in Alcudia.

Features of the port of Alcudia

The local port is a large tourist complex equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable holiday. It provides walking paths along the embankments, luxurious restaurants, convenient access to well-maintained beaches, as well as several comfortable hotels.

In the port, travelers are offered ferries that are transported to other parts of Mallorca, Toulon, Barcelona, as well as Ciudadela. Separately, it is worth highlighting tourist sea walks, which are great for interesting sea holidays. Flights from Akuldia are offered by several ferry operators:

  • «Corsica Ferries». Provides high-speed and tourist crossings on comfortable ferries with luxurious restaurants at an affordable price.
  • «Balearia». The operator has a large fleet of many high-tech ferries, on board of which cozy cabins are provided, as well as a wide range of additional services.
  • «FRS Iberia». A well-known regional organization that specializes in highly efficient cargo and passenger transportation.

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