Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio / Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura
4 crossings daily
50 min

Bonifacio is called the most mythical and beautiful city of Corsica. Mythical for the fact that the hero of Hellas Odysseus loved these places, and beautiful for the picturesque location on top of a massive lime rock and the preserved architecture of different eras from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The city is known for its fortress, cozy beaches, magnificent views from the cliff to the sea and surrounding islands in the strait between Corsica and Sardinia.


Ferry service between Bonifacio and Sardinia

Transportation from Bonifacio to Sardinia is carried out by two ferry companies: Mobys Line and Ichnusa Lines.

Moby Lines operates 4 flights a day, vehicles can be transported by all flights except morning, in the morning you can carry only two-wheeled vehicles. The ticket price starts at 32 euros.

Ichnusa Lines, runs 3 flights a day and offers more flexible fares: passenger transportation from 18 euros, two passengers with a car - from 59 euros. Passengers need to arrive at the pier 30 minutes before boarding.

The journey by comfortable ferry to the port of Santa Teresa in Sardinia takes about an hour. Since Corsica belongs to France and Sardinia belongs to Italy, you need to have documents with you to cross the border. It is better to book ferries in advance by choosing the most suitable fare.

Bonifacio Port

The small port is located in a narrow long bay and is itself a landmark of Bonificio. The port has good access roads and a small car park at the berths, there are hotels and restaurants on the embankment.

You can get to Bonificio through Figari International Airport - it is 25 km from the city. To move from the airport to Bonifacio, you can use a taxi, bus or rent a car at the airport. The roads in Corsica are good, but narrow, traffic jams are likely in high season.

Due to its geographical location, the port of Bonifacio is very convenient for traveling around the Mediterranean after getting acquainted with the sights of Corsica - you only need to book ferry tickets in a timely manner. Cruises from five-star Seabourn Cruise Line liners to Star Clippers Ltd sailboats also enter the port. Cruise ships get up to the tender site in the bay and tourists are tended ashore for excursions around the city.