Algeciras to Ceuta / Ceuta to Algeciras
4 crossings daily
1 hr

Seuta – a historical exclave of Spain on the African coast of the Mediterranean Sea at the very entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. The fortress city occupies a small peninsula that juts heavily into the sea. Since ancient times, Ceuta has been of strategic importance for maritime trade and military operations. Ceuta was a Francoist base before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Since 1993, Ceuta has been separated from Morocco by a border wall. Of course, Ceuta has preserved many historical sites from different eras and offers tourists beaches, museums and parks.


Ferry service from Ceuta

The ferry – the main means of communication between Ceuta and Spain. Tranamediterrania, Balearia and FRS Iberia operate on the Algecires-Seuta line. Travel times range from an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the type of ferry – the fastest are the companies' high-speed trimarans. Balearia has 9 daily trips, Tranamediterranania – 5, FRS Iberia – 4 trips. Ferries offer airplane-type seating, and there are bars and kiosks in the cabins. Crossing one passenger costs from 30 euros, for a car on the ferry Balearia have to pay about the same if it is not longer than 4.5 and not more than 1.9 meters. On ferries of other companies the crossing of passengers and cars is a little more expensive – from 2 euros and above. For Ceuta residents there are discounts, which can be up to 50%.

Port of Ceuta

The Port of Ceuta – an important transportation hub at the entrance to Gibraltar and the predominant means of communication with the mainland. There is no airport in Ceuta; there is a small heliport in the port itself, about 2 km from the ferry terminal. To get to the port of Ceuta is possible only by ferry. The port has a well-developed infrastructure, on the territory of large parking lots, gas stations. The ferry terminal is located in the heart of the city on the avenue of King Juan Carlos, close to many restaurants, hotels, stores and many attractions: water park, Juan Carlos Park, etc.

The Algecires-Seuta route is popular with tourists, especially during the summer season, so ferry tickets should be purchased well in advance and can be done on our website.