Isola del Giglio


Porto Santo Stefano to Isola del Giglio / Isola del Giglio to Porto Santo Stefano
3 crossings daily
1 hr

Giglio – a small island and Italian municipality in the Mediterranean Sea, part of the Tuscan Archipelago. Here tourists can enjoy the cleanest waters, amazing underwater flora and fauna, unusual beauty of the coastline. To the island there are ferries and speedboats that stop at Isola del Giglio every day.

Isola del Giglio
Isola del Giglio
Isola del Giglio

Transport companies

The port of Isola del Giglio on the island of Giglio, the pearl of the Tuscan archipelago, is served by only two carriers.

  • «Toremar» connects mainland Italy with the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, including Elba, Giglio and Pianosa. The ferry operator began operating in 1976, offering year-round, modern, comfortable and reliable vessels that can operate even in adverse conditions, transporting about one and a half million people annually. Ten years ago, the company was bought by Moby Lines, which serves tourists all over Europe. Its flights are particularly popular, so it is recommended to book tickets in advance.
  • Maregiglio – is a shipping company that operates from Porto Santo Stefano to Isola del Giglio and Giannutri in Tuscany. The operator offers modern vessels for voyages, with comfortable cabins, lounges for passengers, cafes and restaurants with local cuisine and wide decks.

The crossings from the port of Isola del Giglio take no more than three hours and, in addition, passengers can choose a convenient time and flight by booking online in advance.

Features and location of Giglio Port

This is the only marina on the island. Near the passenger terminal there are hotels, cafes and schools for drivers. The sea near the island is very clear, so they learn how to dive here. The tourist infrastructure is quite developed as for a small town, which is permanently inhabited by no more than 1500 people. To get to the port you can only by water. Ferries to Giglio depart from the sea harbor of Santo Stefano.
The port of Isola del Giglio is the only way to get to the beautiful island with the clearest water. Tourists can enjoy the flora and stay in one of the local hotels.