Cagliari to Naples / Naples to Cagliari
2 crossings weekly
13 hr
Ischia to Naples / Naples to Ischia
10 crossings daily
1 hr
Palermo to Naples / Naples to Palermo
6 crossings weekly
10 hr 30 min
Palermo to Naples / Naples to Palermo
7 crossings weekly
10 hr 30 min
Termini Imerese to Naples / Naples to Termini Imerese
1 crossings weekly
9 hr 30 min

Naples is Italy's third largest city, with almost 1,000,000 inhabitants. It plays the role of a significant cultural and tourist center, each year chaining the attention of thousands of tourists.

The city is made unique by its ancient architecture with luxurious palaces, temples, transitional streets, many iconic sights, as well as a unique atmosphere with lively markets, constantly playing music and an abundance of smells of delicious food.


City port Naples

In the heart of Naples, near Castel Nuovo Castle, there is a large port, which is considered one of its main attractions. It offers a huge number of tourist routes along the coastline of the city.

A large number of private marinas are provided in the port, near which ships of local wealthy residents are moored. The largest commercial marinas are:

  • «Molo Beverello». Located near the cruise terminal and designed for high-speed boats.
  • «Calata Porta di Massa». Larger marina for cruise ships and large ferries.

From them you can go both a tourist cruise along the local coast, and to the popular island of Capri among tourists, as well as Pompeii.

How do I get to the port?

You can get to the port by one of the many tourist buses that depart directly from the nearest airport, as well as from large bus stations in the city. Another option is public transport or taxis (you can use it at a special rate).

Naples Ferry Companies

In the port of Naples, there are 2 large companies Medmar and Caremar. They offer flights on various routes, but the most popular are the crossings to Capri, Ischew, Prochidu, so they have the most offers.

Passengers are offered cruise and high-speed flights on comfortable ships equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable rest and fun on the way.

You can book a ferry ticket in advance - use our website for this.