Bastia to Nice / Nice to Bastia
3 crossings weekly
5 hr 30 min
Ile Rousse to Nice / Nice to Ile Rousse
1 crossings weekly
4 hr 3 min

On the southeast of France the large tourist center of country is located - Nice. A city is named «by the mestome of force» all Provence. Nice comfortably took place on the Light-blue bank, allowing to the travellers to rest on the picturesque resorts of Mediterranean. Besides beauties nature, there are many historical sights in city.


Basic ferrymen

The ferries of three companies walk through Lympia.

  • Societe Nationale Maritime Corse Mediterranee (SNCM). A ticket on the voyage of company Societe Nationale Maritime Corse Mediterranee will allow to become acquainted from красотами Sardinia, Corsica, Tunis and Algeria. Now it is the largest operator of ferries, that connects continental France with nearby islands. Speed marine ships every day deliver ten of tourists on Corsica only for 3 hours. A company offers to the clients the maximal level of comfort and safety, and also excellent service.
  • Travellers, wishing more detailed to become familiar with the aquatorium of France, and enjoy picturesque kinds, can reserve a ticket on a walk on a sea from a company Trans Withôеу d'Azur. Ferries carry out voyages in other tourist points: Cannes, Saint Tropez and Monaco.
  • Corsica Ferries. Regular ferriages from port of Nice on nearby islands differ in an advantageous cost and comfort. Travellers can choose voyages on Corsica or Sardinia. In a day to 15 ferriages are envisaged on these islands. The ferries of Corsica Ferries also deliver tourists on Elbe. Every day to 7 marine ships leave on this island.

Each of companies offers the routes for tourists. To reserve a ticket on a ferry better beforehand, because directions use enhanceable demand among tourists.

Features of port

Building of Lympia Gallery was erected in 1750. Today it is main sight of port of Nice, passenger and freight ships, fishing boats, pass through that. Tourists can appear on «local» voyages, or to reserve a ticket on a cruise liner.

Every week Lympia serves 35 ferriages on the average. Port is comfortably enough located in the center of city: not far there is the railway station, where busses (№8, 20, 30, 81, 10) leave from. Because distance to Lympia makes only 2,5 kilometres, then it is possible to reach and on foot. From an airport plies a tram №2, port will be an eventual stop.

Lympia is located in the heart of the Light-blue bank. Port can boast a chic infrastructure that allows to get to him, and to main transport objects for short time.