Porto Vecchio


Marseille to Porto Vecchio / Porto Vecchio to Marseille
3 crossings weekly
13 hr 30 min
Toulon to Porto Vecchio / Porto Vecchio to Toulon
1 crossings weekly
11 hr 59 min

Porto Vecchio is a small picturesque city on the southeast coast of the island of Corsica. The city was founded by the Romans, developed by the Genoese and the French. Each era left its own monuments of architecture and culture. Porto Vecchio attracts tourists with the citadel of the 16th century, the remains of the Genoa port, beaches and sea walks to the Zerbikal archipelago.

Porto Vecchio
Porto Vecchio
Porto Vecchio

Ferry service

From Porto Vecchio, you can ferry to the Italian Civitavecchia, Naples and the ports of Sardinia, to French Marseille, Nice and Toulon and to Monaco. Transportation is carried out by Corsica Linea, Corsica Ferries, La Meridionale, Moby Lines.

Corsica Ferries usually operates 3 flights a week to Toulon and the same to Nice, 1 flight a week to the ports of Golfo Arranchi and Porto Torres in Sardinia. Corsica Linea usually runs 3 flights a week to Marseille and Toulon.

The ticket price depends on the direction and size of the car that the tourist intends to transport. Crossing one passenger to Toulon or Marseille will cost about 25 euros, with a car from 60 euros, and if you need a cabin, then prices will start from 100 euros. About the same amount will cost crossing to one of the ports of mainland Italy. The ports of Sardinia can be reached with a car for 60 euros. All companies periodically provide discounts that make it possible to significantly save on travel. Ferry tickets are best booked well in advance. It should be remembered that the closer to the departure date you book a ticket, the more expensive it can be. The ticket price also depends on the season and the day of the week on which the trip is scheduled - on Monday tickets can be 3 times cheaper than on Friday.

Ferries from Porto Vecchio to France can enter the port of Bonifacio in Corsica and the ports of Golfo Arranchi and Porto Torres in Sardinia on the way.

Port of Porto Vecchio

You can get to the Porto Vecchio ferry terminal from Figari Airport, located 20 km away, the road without taking into account traffic jams will take about 30 minutes. Access roads to the port are good, but there is no parking, there is only a waiting area for loading. There is a small restaurant near the terminal.

In addition to ferries, Azamara cruise ships enter Porto Vecchio on their way from Italy to Spain.

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