Portsmouth to Ryde / Ryde to Portsmouth
14 crossings daily
22 min

Ryde is the largest city in the Isle of Wight, the historic site of the British Empire. The deposed king Charles I tried to escape on the island, here was the summer residence of Queen Victoria. Ryde is also known for its sandy beaches. Almost all Atlantic cruises departing from Dover enter one of the ports of the island.


Ryde ferry service

For more than a century and a half, the ferry service between Ryde and Portsmouth is operated by the local company White Link, the crossing takes a little more than 20 minutes, up to 20 flights are operated per day. Ferries from Ryde to Portsmouth take only pedestrians on board, you can take a bicycle with you. If you need to cross the car, you should use the ferry from Fishbourne.

The cost of ferry for one person is £17.6 at the economy class tariff. More flexible conditions are offered at a standard rate, which allows you to change the departure time with a surcharge of only 5 pounds. Tickets will cost less if you choose non-working time for the trip. Tickets are cheaper in the autumn-winter season.

White Link offers a discount system, but some of them concern only a certain type of local households, students, people over 60 years old.

In addition to ferries between Ryde and Porstmut, high-speed hovercraft run, crossing them takes no more than 10 minutes, they are also intended only for pedestrians.

Ryde Port

You can get to the Ryda ferry port from White Sandan Airport, located on the Isle of Wight, but it takes only light aircraft. Moving will take no more than half an hour. Bournemouth International Airport is located near Portsmouth and a ferry crossing to Ryde will be required.

The Ryde ferry pier is carried out into the sea and connects to the city with a flyover about a kilometer long. Before entering the flyover there is a large car park. The ferry terminal has a drive for vehicles, a railway station and a restaurant.

Pedestrian tourists can drive up the flyover to the terminal by a special train, the fare of 50 pence is included in the cost of a ferry ticket.

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