St Malo


Guernsey to St Malo / St Malo to Guernsey
2 crossings weekly
1 hr 55 min
Jersey St Helier to St Malo / St Malo to Jersey St Helier
5 crossings weekly
1 hr 24 min
Portsmouth to St Malo / St Malo to Portsmouth
5 crossings weekly
11 hr

English Channel the ancient French city Saint-Malo. This one of the most popular places in a country among tourists, because 83 historical monuments are officially counted in him. What is only costed by medieval towers and fortresses beauty of that charms all without exceptions. The lovers of resorts will mark the cleanness of local beaches, powerful fluxes and refluxes, doing bathing more driving.

St Malo
St Malo
St Malo

Basic ferry operators

Marine port is served by next companies the ships of that regularly leave from Saint-Malo.

  • Basic direction of activity of Condor Ferries – passenger ferriages between France and Norman islands. The most popular directions are Jersey and Guernsey. The clients of operator of ferries also can leave to Great Britain. Aboard liners there is all for rest: cafe, bars, zones for more quiet rest, nurseries and even points of exchange of currencies, and also comfort cabins. On the liners of company it is possible to rest a merry company, or it is pleasant to spend time with family.
  • At disposal of company Brittany Ferries there are modern liners on that guests are met by a polite and sensitive personnel, and experience cooks offer the delicious dishes of the French kitchen. Onboard there are a few seating areas, therefore everybody will find for itself entertainment on interests.

From marine port of Saint-Malo ferries leave to England. Tourists can visit Plymouth and Portsmouth.

Features of port of Saint-Malo

Before this was the main harbour of region of Brittany, but also now Saint-Malo does not lose leading positions, annually accepting over million, thousand ships tourists with a load. Through English Channel regularly ships leave with commodities to England, and travellers adore walks on the Emerald coast. Saint-Malo continues to develop as marine port, offering to the tourists to become familiar with a local aquatorium, or leave in a cruise. Reaching in a city is possible on a bus or train from Paris.

In Saint-Malo tourists have possibility to take advantage of services of cutter-taxi, and to become familiar with the aquatorium of city. At a desire, it is possible to leave on an island Sesabre. This voyage is actual the whole year round. With Saint-Malo ferries regularly set forth for the English cities Plymouth and Portsmouth, on the Norman islands (Guernsey, Jersey).

Marine port of Saint-Malo every year serves more than million passengers. Tourists can go for an outing for an acquaintance with a local aquatorium, or to reserve a ticket on an international voyage to England or on one of the large Norman islands.