Levante Ferries

Levante Ferries

The ferry operator «Levante Ferries» offers its customers crossings on the Ionian Sea as well as between Greece and Turkey. It specializes mainly in tourist crossings, thanks to which passengers can take a fascinating sea voyage through the amazing beauty of Greece.

The organization operates several routes:

  • Zante - Killini.
  • Poros - Killini.
  • Sami - Ithaca.
  • Sami - Patras.
  • Thessaloniki - Izmir (appeared relatively recently and has allowed the company to significantly expand its range of services).
Levante Ferries
Levante Ferries
Levante Ferries

About Levante Ferries

The operator «Levante Ferries» began operations in 2014 and initially specialized in crossings from Zante Island to other parts of the Ionian Sea. The organization fully covered the island's transportation needs and over time expanded its list of available routes to serve neighboring Kefalonia and Ithaca.

It is now one of the most influential carriers on the Ionian Sea and is gradually developing international crossings.

Features of the organization

The fleet of «Levante Ferries» consists of 4 large modern ferries equipped for cargo-passenger transportation. Travellers are offered the possibility of transporting their vehicles for a more comfortable journey over land.

All the amenities required for a comfortable holiday are provided on board the organization's ships, including comfortable cabins, small restaurants and cafes, and play areas for adults and children.

The operator lines its itineraries along the beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea, allowing vacationers to enjoy beautiful views while strolling through the ferry's observation decks. Speed routes are also provided for people who want to get to the local resort islands as quickly as possible.

The operator also offers a variety of routes for people who want to get to the local resort islands as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Levante Ferries

  • High frequency of flights
  • Variety of tourist itineraries.
  • Excellent quality of service and a wide variety of extras on board.
  • Lots of variety of travel options.

Traveling on the ferries «Levante Ferries» will bring you a lot of positive emotions and pleasant memories. You can reserve a place on one of them in advance, using our website.