Liberty Lines

Liberty Lines

Liberty Lines» is one of the largest ferry operators in Italy, offering regular ferries between the most popular tourist islands and the mainland.

Founded in 1993, its original specialization was the ferry services between the port of Napoli and different islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Today the list of available destinations is enriched by a variety of mainland and island ports. The list of the most popular destinations includes:

  • Sicily.
  • Ustica.
  • Aeolian archipelag.
  • Pelaži.
  • Aegadi archipelag.
  • Pantelleria.

About one and a half million tourists from all over the world travel every year on all the routes offered by the organization. Not only do they benefit from efficient transportation, but also from amazing cruises through the maritime beauty of Italy.

Liberty Lines
Liberty Lines
Liberty Lines

Special features

At the moment, «Liberty Lines» – one of the most influential and sought-after ferry companies in Italy. Liberty Lines has been very successful and appreciated by its customers thanks to a strong investment in its fleet. This fleet includes over 30 modern high-speed hydrofoils and cruise ferries.

All vessels are inspected on a regular basis to ensure passenger safety on the voyage. Each catamaran and ferry has a professional crew, offering a high level of service and sensitivity to all customer needs.

The majority of the «Liberty Lines» fleet is capable of carrying several hundred passengers each. On board, the latter are offered wonderful places to relax, comfortable cabins with air conditioning and televisions, as well as on-board bars and play areas for people of all ages. All this makes the voyage on the operator's ferries very exciting and does not let holidaymakers get bored for a minute.

The Italian operator has a huge number of advantages, thanks to which it was able to win the love of travelers. Book a seat on one of its ships and familiarize yourself with the available destinations in advance on our website.

You can book a seat on one of its ships, as well as get acquainted with the available destinations.