The ferry operator «Siremar Ferries» specializes in passenger transportation on the south coast of Italy.


Customers are offered voyages to various islands in the country, including:

  • Ustica
  • Pantelleria
  • Aegean islands.
  • Liparian group.
  • Pelagian islands.

Thanks to the company's services, tourists can efficiently travel between the interesting places in Italy and enjoy their holidays in the beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea.

Properties of «Siremar Ferries» 

The company's range of services includes both fast and cruise crossings. For the former, the company provides fast hydrofoil catamarans capable of developing high speed and smoothly crossing the water areas even in unfavorable weather. All are equipped with comfortable air-conditioned seats, parking spaces for cars and motorcycles, and additional amenities like TVs and free Wi-Fi.

Cruise ships can accommodate many more passengers (the largest has 802 seats for them) and are equipped for longer voyages. They are equipped with cozy cabins with all the necessary amenities, areas for recreation and entertainment, small restaurants and bars. Also on the ferries there are recreation areas, allowing not only to enjoy the sea air, but also to have a good overview of picturesque places near which the ship passes.

The organization's fleet includes a total of 18 vessels of various types. Each has its own space for pets. To bring your pets with you, you need to register first and then the pets will get their own spot in the kennel.

Company Advantages

  • A variety of itineraries, allowing you to conveniently travel to key tourist destinations around the country
  • High frequency flights and efficient customer service
  • Excellent quality of service on board and a host of additional passenger amenities.

You can buy your ferry ticket in advance on our website. Here you can also check for the current offers of «Siremar Ferries».