Aeolian Islands Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands (also often referred to as the Lyparan Islands) are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reason for this is their unique coloring with almost untouched nature, clear sea, and volcanoes that never fall asleep.

A visit to the beautiful Italian islands will allow you to dive into a wonderful journey at sea, full of bright colors and an unforgettable experience. The biggest islands of the archipelago have big ports. There you can board a comfortable ferry that will take you on an enchanting cruise with constantly changing beautiful pictures of nature and a comfortable environment for great relaxation and fun.

Aeolian Islands
Aeolian Islands
Aeolian Islands

How to arrange a trip to the islands?

You can explore the islands of Lipari either by speedboats with hydrofoils or by cruise ferries. You can depart from several ports in Sicily, Calabria and Campania. A full cruise passes through the following islands:

  • Lipari. The largest of the islands, characterized by high volcanic activity. It hosts one of the largest ports of Italy, capable of receiving large passenger ships.
  • Panarea. It is a tiny archipelago of one large island and several small pieces of land. It has beautiful beaches, as well as amazing sea reefs.
  • Vulcano. An island with a unique coastline, near which there is a high activity of underwater volcanoes. Known for its large port and health resorts.
  • Stamboli. This island is famous for the frequent eruptions of the local volcano, which are particularly visible from the sea.
  • Salina. One of the largest islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with high mountains, unique vegetation as well as many cultural attractions.
  • Alicudi and Filicudi. Two small islands with large extinct volcanoes, amazing nature and a rich underwater world.

To make your journey between the ports of the Aeolian Islands as comfortable as possible you can choose in advance the best route and buy ferry tickets directly on our website.