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The Bahamas is an archipelago state consisting of 700 islands of varying sizes. Only 30 are inhabited, most of which are highly popular among tourists. The latter are attracted by the beautiful nature of the country, amazing sights, as well as well-developed marine industry, allowing a lot of recreation and experience.

Sea crossings – the main way to travel between the Bahamas, so almost all the largest parts of the country are equipped with modern ports. They can accommodate both small private yachts and large cruise ships. Most of the country's sights are concentrated near the ports, so tourists should mark out a few key places they would like to visit in advance for convenience.


The largest ports in the Bahamas

First and foremost, the state capital, Nassau, deserves attention. It's the largest city and one of the most important ports in the country. Nassau boasts a host of attractions, the most famous of which include Parliament Square, the underwater aquarium, the Retreat Gardens reserve, and the local beaches. They can be reached directly from the city's port.

In addition to the capital, there are many other attractions.

Besides the capital, there are 3 key tourist destinations:

  • Paradise Island. It is a beautiful natural area with a large modern port. Visitors are offered walks to the reefs and flamingo spots.
  • Grand Bahama. A popular resort with impressive golf courses and tennis courts. At the local port, tourists can sign up for diving and underwater fishing.
  • New Providence. The island is known for its beautiful architecture, as well as a very interesting entertainment – swimming sessions with dolphins.

Local ports provide maritime connections to most other Bahamian islands. Tourists can also participate in fascinating boat trips to some of the archipelago's most beautiful spots. You can book your ferry seat in advance simply by using our website.

The ferry can be booked in advance.