Scotland Scotland

Scotland, although considered a province of Great Britain, is primarily a country with a rich history, rooted in a distant past, and a beautiful, freedom-loving people. For this reason, any tourist needs to remember - to call the Scot an Englishman - means to insult him.


What is known about Scotland, and how is it so attractive to millions of tourists visiting this country?

First of all, when mentioning Scotland, a helpful memory instantly associates the country with the novels of V. Scott, R. Roy or R. Stevenson. To this knowledge will instantly add the image of the fighter for independence W. Waless, Scottish men's skirts and, most likely, Scottish whiskey.

But it is in Scotland that Lake Loch Ness, one of the most famous sights in the world, is located. The Nessie monster, which numerous tourists dream of seeing, can only be seen in the form of a full-scale sculpture and in the expositions of two permanent exhibitions in the village of Drumnadrouchit. Tourist routes around Lake Loch - Ness are carried away not only by beautiful views of the lake and panoramas of picturesque nature. The ruins of Urhard Castle and Alduri Castle will not only delight lovers of antiquity, but will also become a unique background of exclusive photographs.

Another lake, Loch Lomond, is regularly visited by tourists interested in the flora and fauna of Scotland. The Trosachs National Park has become a protective area for more than 200 species of birds and a quarter of species of wild plants growing in the country.

The most amazing thing is that Scotland, in its diversity, has beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. Against the background of such beaches, beautiful photos associated with the beaches of the Caribbean Sea are obtained.

Scottish ferry service

Nortlink Ferries, P&O Irish Sea and Stena Line provide regular and uninterrupted ferry service to Scotland. For the convenience of tourists, all important information about possible changes in the schedule, prices or relocation rules is quickly published on our website, and you can also book a ticket for the selected flight. Ferry service is often the only means connecting more than 60 islands of Scotland. Domestic flights are operated by ferries of CalMac and Orkey Ferries.

Impressions of majestic castles, rocky shores, a real touch on the ancient history of Scotland, enough for a long time. Remembering a beautiful country and its recalcitrant people, with a bottle of Scotch whiskey purchased, will be a pleasant pastime.