Dublin to Cherbourg / Cherbourg to Dublin
3 crossings weekly
18 hr
Poole to Cherbourg / Cherbourg to Poole
4 crossings weekly
4 hr 30 min
Portsmouth to Cherbourg / Cherbourg to Portsmouth
1 crossings weekly
7 hr 45 min
Rosslare to Cherbourg / Cherbourg to Rosslare
2 crossings weekly
16 hr
Rosslare to Cherbourg / Cherbourg to Rosslare
1 crossings weekly
16 hr 59 min

Cherbourg - Octeville – it is the small city located on the north-west of France and Manche related to the department. For the romantics of the whole world he became the symbol of love, incarnate Catherine Deneuve, and for a country – important marine port being on the coast of English Channel.


Ferry companies

Port Cherbourg connects to France with England and Ireland. Ferry ferriages are served by next basic ferrymen.

  • Brittany Ferries. A company offers voyages from Cherbourg in Rosslare Europort, Portsmouth, Pool and back. On the protracted ferriage to Ireland (time on the way – about 18 hours), it is possible to reserve a cabin for a comfort trip. A cafe, shops, bars, is onboard envisaged, there are various entertainments for children.
  • Irish Ferries. Taking advantage of services of leading ferry company of Ireland, it is possible with a comfort to reach from Dublin to Cherbourg and back. Ships are equipped by cabins, entertaining zones, bars and cafe.

To become familiar with a time-table, and also reserving a ticket on a ferry is possible on-line. Beforehand planning a journey, it will be succeeded substantially to economize.

Comfort and location of port

The largest trade and transport knot of country is on the coast of English Channel and provides regular passenger and freight transportations to Great Britain and Ireland, cities of France.

The cruise terminal of Cherbourg is related to the center of city by means of shuttles. A fare makes to seven euros.

From terminals to the railway station on the avenue of Francois Miller it is possible to reach on a public transport. A fare on a shuttle bus makes only one an euro. On train station trains arrive from Caen, Paris and Bayeux. A bus terminal that is the mestome of sending in Valognes is located on the contrary, Barfleur and Saint - Lo.

In 10 kilometres from a city an international airport is located, accepting charters. To reach to port from Paris more comfortable than all on the train of TGV leaving from train station of Saint - Lazare, only for three hours.

Cherbourg is known for the greatest artificial harbour in the world, examining that is possible, leaving on a marine walk or reserving a ticket on a ferry. The animated modern port allows to travel on a continent, opening keen landscape – fishing ports, rocks of Hague and surprizing beaches.