Bilbao to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Bilbao
1 crossings weekly
23 hr 45 min
Caen to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Caen
2 crossings daily
5 hr 45 min
Cherbourg to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Cherbourg
1 crossings weekly
4 hr 30 min
Fishbourne to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Fishbourne
21 crossings daily
45 min
Guernsey to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Guernsey
4 crossings weekly
3 hr 30 min
Jersey St Helier to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Jersey St Helier
4 crossings weekly
7 hr 31 min
Ryde to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Ryde
14 crossings daily
22 min
Santander to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Santander
1 crossings weekly
26 hr 45 min
St Malo to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to St Malo
5 crossings weekly
8 hr 50 min

Portsmouth – it is the city, located on an island Portsey ashore channel of Te-Solent, that dissociates England from an island Уайт. The largest port of country is the object of important strategic value, here is one of main bases of the Royal navy.


Companies attendant ferry routes

A water-carriage is developed in Portsmouth. Every day ferries leave on an island Wight, and also in Le Havre, Saint - Malo and Cherbourg in France. Basic ferrymen following.

  • Brittany Ferries. A ferry operator serves routes in Portsmouth from Le Havre, Cherbourg, Bilbao, Caen, Saint Malo and Santander. On the ferries of company Brittany Ferries service is envisaged at high level, there is a cafe, shop. To feel comfortably on the protracted ferriages, it is possible to reserve a cabin.
  • Wightlink. A ferryman carries out every day 25 voyages en-route Portsmouth – Fishburne, offering to the tourists and locals comfortable and frequent ferriages, relating an island and mainland. Time on the way makes only 45 minutes, therefore a cabin not may need for a trip. High-speed passenger catamarans allow quickly and with a comfort to overcome distance on water.

Reserving tickets on any voyage is possible on-line, specifying the chosen direction, time and date.

Features of port

Portsmouth is an important railway knot, therefore reaching is here possible practically from any part of England. From the capital on a train that leaves with «Waterloo», there is possibility to reach only after 1,5 hour. Cost of ticket – from 20 pound sterlings, also a direct report operates with the airport of Gatwick.

Between Portsmouth and Brighton, busses-expresses ply Саутгемптоном and London. To economize, it is possible to purchase travel, operating on territory of all county Hampshire.

The only city of England, located on an island, is one of the known ports in the world, and also by the eldest drydock. To review Portsmouth from the height of bird flight, it is possible to walk up a tower «Spinnaker» – 170-meter modern building. It will allow by the eyes to see all beauty and dynamic quality of unique city.