Balearics Balearics

Balearic islands – archipelago in the West of Mediterranean. Mild climate, magnificent beaches, 300 sunny days in a year, rich culture, the different variants of leisure assisted that these places became the large center of tourism. Four large island-resorts make basis an archipelago: Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Mallorca, each of them has the unique features.


Development of ferry report

An archipelago is located in the distance from 80 to 300 kilometres from Spain. For this reason ferries – it is a comfortable and reliable method allowing to reach from a mainland to the resorts and back. A marine report is put right also between the large islands of archipelago. A water-carriage plies regularly and every day. In a high season, when the influx of tourists is maximal, reserving tickets on a ferry is needed beforehand.

Basic ferry routes on the Balearic islands

Ferries – it most not rapid, but safe and picturesque method of movement. Besides, it is possible to translate an own car, not to limit itself in movements on an island. Among the most highly sought routes following.

  • Barcelona – Ibiza. A journey occupies about nine hours. On an island deliver the ships of companies of Trasmediterranea and Balearia.
  • Barcelona – Menorca. Ships arrive in ports of Ciutadela, Moan and Alcudia. Depending on the remoteness of location, time on the way can make from three to eight hours. In a week more than 40 voyages are accomplished depending on a season.
  • Barcelona – Formentera. Duration of journey – 11,5 hours.
  • The ferries of companies of Trasmediterranea and Balearia carry out 19 voyages in a week from Barcelona to Mallorka. A ferriage occupies about 7-8 hours.

A ferry report is also developed on the resorts of archipelago from ports of Denia, Gandia, Valencia. At reserving of ticket on a ferry it is necessary to specify the type of the transported transport vehicle, if such is present.

Besides magnificent beaches with purely-clean water and plenty of clubs the Balearic islands can offer other entertainments suited to every fancy : horse gallops, diving, rock-climbing, casino and other great deal. One of environmentally clean resorts yet from the XIX century attracts artists, writers and musicians, and even royal family members, and also simply those, who knows a rumour in high quality rest.