Bulgaria Bulgaria

Clean beaches with yellow-green sand, spicy wines, great number of entertainments on any purse – all of it does Bulgaria an ideal country for summer rest. In winter too will not be to miss, in fact here are excellent skiing resorts. Service in Bulgaria high-level, and him all tourists even choosing budgetary rest will be able to estimate.


Ferry infrastructure

A country on east is washed the Black sea. Due to it Bulgaria has an access to the aquatorium the great number of loads and passenger transportations passes through that. Ferries link seashore metropolises – Balchik, Varna, Burgas . At the same ports the ships of international value call from Georgia, Russia, Ukraine. Internal water reports are not so developed. Ships are plied on the only large river – To Danube.

In all in a country 29 ports, here only five from them have an important national value. Other 24 are considered regional. Above all Bulgarian ports: Varna, Burgas, Vidin, Crow-bar, Rousse. First two are important marine port centers, other three are on the river Danube.

Popular voyages of Bulgaria

Among the most highly sought directions following.

  • Novorossisk – Burgas. A ferry accepts, besides passengers, freight and automobile cars.
  • Batumi – Burgas. A ship plies one time in a week. Duration of voyage makes more than three days, it is therefore appropriate to reserve a comfortable cabin.
  • Illichivsk (Ukraine) – Varna. Time on the way – about two twenty-four hours. Cost of ticket – from a 80 euro depending on the comfort of cabin.
  • Burgas – Istanbul. A voyage plies regularly. Time on the way – 4 hours.

Reserving tickets on the indicated voyages is possible already now. They appear in access more than after half-year to sending.

Rest is in Bulgaria – this pleasant pastime that will present mass of the impressions to you. The developed port infrastructure allows to the tourists to visit walks on a sea or river. Services are given by a few companies, therefore choosing is possible the most optimal variant. To reserve tickets more comfortable than all on-line.