Channel Islands Channel Islands

The Channel Islands – a small archipelago located near the coast of Northern Normandy. Most of them are predominantly rocky soils without lush vegetation. They attract tourists with their leisurely pace of life, majestic medieval architecture and well-developed maritime infrastructure.

There are 3 key islands in the entire archipelago that are particularly popular with travelers:

  • Jersey.
  • Hernsey.
  • Maine.
Channel Islands
Channel Islands
Channel Islands

There are major ports in each, connecting the islands with each other as well as with ports in Great Britain and France. Most of the crossings are operated by «Condor Ferries» which offer fast and comfortable ferries with all the amenities you need for a good holiday.

Most of the voyages begin or end in St. Peter's Port – the major port city of Guernsey. It is the most important maritime transport point in the Channel Islands and can accommodate almost any vessel. It's also famous for its many architectural landmarks and historical monuments. Just look at the Cornet Castle, Neolithic tombs and the local maritime museum.

Another important port is located in St. Helier, on the island of Jersey. Many tourist ships pass through it, navigating the English Channel, as well as between England and France. The city has an excellent infrastructure, comfortable hotels close to the port, as well as many architectural attractions, which evoke the atmosphere of old Britain. You can book your ferry in advance simply by using our website.