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Germany — it is the European country, that is located among the dense forests, picturesque mountains, lakes and rivers. Here much beautiful nature and magnificent architecture – medieval locks, fortresses, court-style-park complexes and ancient chapels. Will please in Germany and to the gourmet, it is here possible to try the refined sweetnesses, more than 300 types of bread and, certainly, famous German beer.


How to reach to Germany on a ferry

A marine and river transport is perfectly developed in a country, the great number of large ports is located. To Germany it is possible easily to reach on ferries, that are in this country from Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland. Here are such marine ports – Sassnitz, Lubeck, Puttgarden, Brunsbuttel, Cuxhaven, but most popular Rostok, Kiel and Travemundeare considered. From it is here possible to get in any point of Germany, and also get to the border with Denmark, Netherlands or France.

A trip on a ferry is a very comfort and delivers the pleasant impressions to the children and adults. To buy and reserve tickets it is possible on-line, choosing optimal suggestion at bargain price.

Ferry routes of Germany

Modern ships ply the whole year round. On ferries it is possible to carry passengers not only but also loads, for example, personal car. There are ships with the presence of nursery, decks for walks with animals, trainer hall, sauna with a jacuzzi. Depending on the aim of trip, amounts man and other factors, picking up the best route at acceptable price is possible on-line. Among the highly sought international directions following.

  1. Direct ferry report with Russia to direction Lubben-Saint Petersburg and back.
  2. With Italy a country is linked by a route Novara - Freiburg.
  3. To Sweden there are a few directions: Travemunde – Malmo, Kiel –Gothenburg, Rostok – Trelleborget al.
  4. Also there are routes to Lithuania, for example, of Kiel – Klaipeda, Denmark (Puttgarden– Redby), Finland (Travemunde– Helsinki).

Enjoying a marine walk on a ferry, you will go ashore resting and in a good temper, to continue the trip already on land. Reserving tickets is recommended beforehand.

Rolling on skis in Alps, pedestrian walks on the forest, swimming on the cleanest lakes, visit of great number of museums — here that can offer Germany.