Honduras Honduras

The Republic of Honduras is located in Central America and borders El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Almost all of its territory is covered with mountains, and plains with banana plantations stretch along the picturesque coast. Among the main attractions are Copan (the oldest Mayan settlement) with its pyramid and the best National Archaeological Museum in the region, as well as the impressive temples of Tegucigalpa, including the Basilica of the Virgin de Sayyapa.


Ferry service

The country is washed by the Caribbean Sea, as well as the Pacific Ocean, so water communication is very common. In addition, Honduras and Nicaragua are separated by the Coco River. Along the northern coast are the large islands of Swan and Islas de la Baia, to which it is more accessible and most profitable to reach by water.

Regular sea service is established in the country, and a ferry trip will cost much cheaper than a flight by plane. In addition, having booked tickets in advance, it will be possible to save even more. A high level of service provides comfort throughout the trip. Ferries are equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seats, TV.

Ferry routes

There are two important ports on the Caribbean coast:

  • La Ceiba;
  • Puerto Cortes.

The ferry service is represented by the route - La Ceiba - Roatan, which is carried out by the carrier Safe Way Maritime. The ship runs up to 14 times a week, and the duration of the crossing is only 75 minutes. The number of flights may vary depending on the season, so ferry tickets must be booked beforehand.

Mountains, gardens, rainforests, waterfalls are only a small part of the splendor for which it is worth visiting Honduras. Despite the dangerous reputation, the country can surprise even experienced travelers, and it is nature that gives a sense of harmony and relaxation. For example, the islands of the Republic are surrounded by the world's largest coral reefs, and the tropical jungle in the northeast is completely protected by UNESCO.