Civitavecchia to Arbatax / Arbatax to Civitavecchia
2 crossings weekly
9 hr

Arbatax – a small resort and fishing town on the east coast of Sardinia, located almost at the same latitude as Naples and separated from it by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Like any ancient Mediterranean settlement, Arbatax has preserved many monuments. Arbatax is widely known in the world as the largest resort complex in Sardinia, located in a nature reserve not far from the port.


Ferry service from Arbatax

Passenger ferries connect Arbatax with mainland Italy. Grimaldi Lines operates on the Arbatax-Civitavecchia line. Ferries leave for the continent twice a week, with a travel time of about 9 hours. A deck ticket for an adult passenger costs from 33 euros, a Pullman seat with a number will cost 5 euros more. Passengers are offered sleeping berths in cabins for an additional fee of 20 euros. Carriage of a car will cost from 60 euros. For the carriage of pets there is an extra charge from 30 Euros.

All the ferries of Grimaldi Lines in terms of passenger comfort can be compared to the cruise liners. On board there are restaurants, stores, SPA-saloons, children's play-centers, animators on board. Discounts are offered for group tours, for senior passengers and children, partner discounts for promo code holders, club discounts and others.

Port of Arbatax

The port of Arbatax can be reached from Cagliari international airport, the way, which is 150 km long, takes at least two hours, there will be constant traffic jams during all seasons.

The port of Arbataxa is located in the lively northern part of the city. A kilometer and a half to the south is the famous resort complex with spa hotels. Right by the harbor on the waterfront are many small restaurants, stores, entertainment venues and local attractions. There is a large shopping center being built in the port itself. Access roads to the port are narrow, like all roads in Sardinia, parking in and around the port is small.

As there is no tourist infrastructure in the port and all formal boarding procedures take place on board the ferry, one should arrive at the latest 2 hours before departure with pre-booked tickets. You can book tickets on our website. *** Translated with (free version) ***