Cork to Roscoff / Roscoff to Cork
infrequent crossings
14 hr
Plymouth to Roscoff / Roscoff to Plymouth
4 crossings weekly
5 hr 30 min

On the north-west of France the commune of Roscoff was stretched. She is in a region that is famous the favourable climatic terms, what this under-populated city is named due to «Gold belt». Roscoff is included in the list of popular tourist objects in a region Brittany.



Deep-water port executes a major role in trade between mainland Europe and Great Britain. The large stake of loads sets forth for the United Kingdom exactly through Roscoff. The bathing-places located alongside are very popular among tourists visitant the settlements of region of Brittany. Alongside there are chic villas and expensive hotels, where it is possible to rest with family. Many of them are straight ashore the Celtic sea. In port of Roscoff it is possible to reach from an airport to the bus, tram or taxi. Alternative method – trip on a ferry.

Most popular passenger voyages from port

Roscoff serves only one company – Brittany Ferries. Every week an operator accomplishes 7 voyages in the English small town Plymouth. A trip occupies hardly more than five hours. Reserving tickets is better beforehand.

The ferries of company twice in a week deliver passengers and transport vehicles in Cork. Almost 12 hours on the way tourists conduct on a modern ship on that is all necessary for quality rest and entertainments. Ferries in Rosslare Europort, located on the south-east coast of Ireland, accomplish a voyage for six hours.

Service of company Brittany Ferries

The clients of this operator mark high level service during a trip. Every tourist will find something interesting for itself, in fact onboard there are many variants of entertainments, and comfortable cabins will allow to leave things to rest. The dishes of the French kitchen, that prepare a cook with excellent reputation, are onboard given. That a journey was maximally succeeded, it is necessary beforehand to reserve tickets on the chosen voyage.

Marine port of Roscoff – suitable transport object for those, who wants during a trip on France to visit England, Ireland. In spite of the fact that he is served only by one company, transportations come true regularly. Mainly, in time to reserve tickets, to get on the most comfortable voyage.