Bastia to Savona / Savona to Bastia
4 crossings weekly
4 hr 30 min
Golfo Aranci to Savona / Savona to Golfo Aranci
1 crossings weekly
13 hr 30 min

Savona, located in the north-west of Italy, is a significant Mediterranean port, as well as a major industrial center of the country. It is adjacent to a large number of resort cities, which is why many tourists lose sight of it. For nothing, since Savona is a cozy corner with a rich history, amazing architecture and many monuments of art.


The local large port, located along the coastline, is equipped with a variety of restaurants, shops for tourists, as well as many berths with a variety of yachts, boats, ferries. Together, this creates an amazing picture, and also provides guests of the city with the opportunity to relax well.

What is the interest of the port?

A visit to the port of Savona will allow you to board ferries departing for Barcelona, Bastia, Golfo Aranchi, Tangier Med, L'Il Ros (daily flights are provided). More travelers are offered weekly flights to Corsica, Sardinia, as well as to Spain and Morocco. The duration of crossings varies from 5 hours to 2 days (depending on the selected routes).

In the port of Savona there are 2 large ferry operators that serve most routes:

  • «Grimaldi Lines». The company offers passengers a large list of tourist and high-speed routes that are overcome on comfortable new generation ferries.
  • «Corsica Ferries». The operator offers frequent and inexpensive ferries on fast ferries with restaurants, bars, as well as other establishments in which time can pass.

How to get to the port of Savona?

Ferries from many other regions of Italy, as well as Spain, regularly leave for the port, so there will be no difficulty in finding a sea route. It can also be reached from the airports of Genoa, Nice and Milan by tourist bus, train, or taxi.

Savona is a convenient port from which you can travel to many interesting destinations. For convenience, you can get acquainted with the prices in advance, as well as book a ticket directly on our website.