Between the UK, Channel Islands and France with Condor Ferries.

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Condor Ferries connects the UK, Channel Islands and France. The carrier is the only company that provides car ferry services to the Channel Islands from the mainland of Great Britain. Their modern ferries offer the highest level of comfort and a wide range of services on board. The company has a modern, well-equipped fleet, including conventional and high-speed ferries. Every year the company transports more than 1 million passengers and 200,000 passenger cars. All Condor ferries have various bars and dining areas. On their fast boats you will find a wide selection of self-service cafes and eateries. On regular ferries you will also find a sit down restaurant. You will also find shops on board their ferries, and the opportunity to choose luxury reclining seats. 

Condor Ferries

Condor ferries connect the ports of Guernsey, Jersey, Saint Malo, Poole and Portsmouth via 16 ferry routes. And, if you're traveling from the UK, Condor Ferries is the only ferry service that runs to Guernsey and Jersey. So, get ready to pack the necessary things in your car and go to one of our amazing destinations with your family or friends.

See ferries to the Channel Islands from England, to Saint Malo and to the UK from Jersey and Guernsey:

Pool-Guernsey is a daily departure, taking an average of 3 hours, on board Condor Liberation.

Pool-Jersey - daily departure, lasting 4 hours and 30 minutes on board Condor Liberation.

Portsmouth-Guernsey is a daily departure, taking an average of 7 hours on board the Commodore Clipper.

Portsmouth-Jersey - daily departure (except Sundays), the duration of the trip is 10 hours and 20 minutes aboard the Commodore Clipper.

Pool-Saint-Malo - daily departure, duration of the trip is 6 hours and 30 minutes on board the Condor Liberation & Rapide.

Condor Ferries

Ferry schedules and the number of departures may vary depending on the time of year on some routes. You can book your trip online and in advance. Tickets are on sale almost a year before the expected departure date. Your adventure to Guernsey, Jersey, Saint Malo or the UK with Condor Ferries only begins from the moment you step on board one of the ferries. What will it be like on land?