The largest and most popular ferry liners

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A great variety of ferries of various sizes and parameters dissect the seas and oceans. Some ferries simply amaze with their dimensions and the level of comfort offered to passengers. Most of them can seriously compete with the luxury rooms of the best hotels in the world. Traveling on such ferries provides passengers with a meaningful vacation full of vivid memories.

Would you like to know about the largest and most popular representatives of the global ferry industry? In this case, our article will be of interest to you. 

Rating of the largest and most popular ferries in the world

MS Color Magic

The cruise ship is owned and operated by Norwegian industry giant Color Line. The flights of this ferry connect Oslo, Norway, Kiel and Germany. The vessel was built in Finland in 2007 and continues to hold the title of the largest ferry on the planet.

The ferry belongs to the sister ships of MS Color Fantasy. The ferry has thousands of comfortable cabins and more than 50 luxury rooms. This ferry has a "twin sister" Color Fantasy, built in Turku. At the same time, Color Magic has a much larger number of booths, is equipped with more spacious conference halls, which indicates its superiority in gross capacity.

MS Color Fantasy

Another large vessel also belongs to the Color Line company and takes the honorary "silver" in size among all ferries in the world. Compared to Color Magic, this vessel has 89 cabins less and is second in size only to the "twin sister". The ferry operates flights to similar destinations, connecting Oslo, Norway, Kiel and Germany.


MS Cruise Roma

The ferry is owned and operated by Grimaldi Lines and boasts a record length among all passenger ferry ships on the planet. The ferry was built in Italy and became the first of a family of 4 "related" vessels (Cruise Barcelona, Cruise Europa, Olympia). All of these ferries are the largest vessels operated under the Italian flag.

Before the ferry was extended, there were 470 comfortable cabins on board, including 60 premium class cabins. Also on board the ship there is a restaurant with author's cuisine, self-catering outlets, a cafe, a swimming pool, a dance floor, a casino, a conference hall, a boutique, a shopping center.

Stena Britannica 

The ferry was put into operation in 2009. This vessel became the second of two "related" ferries built in Germany by Wadan Yards. Both vessels dissect the waters of the south of the North Sea. These ferries were built specifically for the direction passing between England and the Netherlands. 

Stena Hollandica

Like its counterpart Stena Britannica, this ferry flies through the south of the North Sea twice a day, connecting England and the Netherlands. 

MS Pride 

Built in Rotterdam, this ferry is registered as a vessel for the transportation of passengers and cargo. The ferry is operated by P&O North Sea Ferries, operating flights in the direction of Hull – Rotterdam. An interesting fact: this vessel was demonstrated in the popular video game Ship Simulator Extremes.

MS Silja Europa 

The ferry is owned and operated by Tallink and belongs to one of the largest cruise ships on the planet. The ferry was built in Germany for the cruise operator Rederi AB Slite (owned by Viking Line). The vessel was repainted under the Viking Line brand colors and was almost completely prepared for transfer when the Swedish crown collapsed abruptly. This turned into the chartering of the ferry by one of the main competitors of Viking Line – the Silja Line company.


MS Silja Serenade 

The cruise ship belongs to the Estonian transport company Taling Group. The ferry operates flights between Helsinki and Stockholm, following through Mariehamn. The vessel was built in 1990 in the Finnish shipyard Turku. Until 2020, the ferry operated flights in the direction of Helsinki – Riga, after which this route was transferred to the MS Baltic ferry. On board the ship, passengers can enjoy a wide range of entertainment, including a restaurant complex, bars, and play areas.

MS Viking Grace 

A cruise ship built at the Finnish shipyard STX Europe specifically for Viking Line. In 2013, the ferry passed to new owners and continued to be successfully operated as a passenger vessel on liquefied natural gas. This ferry is the debut large passenger vessel capable of operating on alternative fuel.

MS Cruise Europa 

The cruise ship belongs to the Grimaldi Group. The ferry was built at the Italian shipyard Fincantieri. This vessel became the third of four "related" models (Cruise Roma, Cruise Barcelona, Cruise Olympia). At the same time, Cruise Europa has significant differences from the named ferries, primarily in the design of the interior of the cabins. There are more than 400 comfortable cabins on board the liner, including 60 apartments. There is also a restaurant, a conference hall, fast food outlets, a dog kennel, a swimming pool, a shopping center, an Internet cafeteria, a dance floor and a casino on the ferry.

Not all of the most popular ferries in the world have been included in our rating. Every year companies build more and more modern and technologically advanced ships for long-distance cruises. If you want to always be aware of the news from the world of the ferry industry, stay with us!