The best ferry companies in the world

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The ferry is a huge and relatively slow floating facility for passenger and cargo transportation. Due to its impressive size, the ferry easily tolerates difficult weather conditions, which minimizes the likelihood of cancellation or postponement of the flight. This largely explains the popularity of ferries in the field of cruise travel and transportation of important cargo.

In our article, the largest ferry companies in the world will be considered, the reliability of which should not be doubted.


Tallink Silja

This company is ready to offer customers the best routes running through the Baltic Sea. Most of the flights connect Latvia, Sweden, the Aland Islands, Finland and Estonia.

The company is famous for modern and reliable ferries, ready to compete seriously with the vessels of the world's leading manufacturers. The journey on the Tallink Silja ferry is fascinating from the moment the passenger gets on board the ship. The company's ferries are famous for their high level of technical equipment and comfort. In addition, Tallink Silja offers a huge selection of flights, not limited to fast crossings. Luxury cruises and holidays full of vivid impressions are available to passengers. Tallink Silja ferries also operate flights that are relevant for business trips.

The company is unique in that it is the only shipping carrier from the world's top 10 Tax Free trade zone. This list most often includes the leading airports of the planet.


DFDS Seaways

The world-famous company offers a wide range of ferry flights with crossings from France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Great Britain across the Baltic. The company has been operating in the passenger transportation market for more than a century and a half. To date, DFDS Seaways ferries are recognized as the largest among all ferry carriers in the world.

The company's activity began in the mid-60s of the 19th century, when its creator united small shipping carriers of Denmark. The merger bore fruit, and DFDS Seaways rapidly transformed into a serious shipping business.

The company provides services to a wide audience: it is relevant both for the organization of tourist flights and for the transportation of passengers traveling by private vehicles through the territories of Scandinavian and European countries.


P&O Ferries

One of the leading British ferry carriers has an impressive fleet of vessels to service crossings to Belgium, Ireland, England, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, France. 10 years ago, P&O Ferries celebrated its 175th anniversary.

The company's ferry vessels operate regular flights in the direction of Calais - Dover. The company offers the fastest and most comfortable way to cross the English Channel, available regardless of the weather and time of day.

It is truly convenient to travel on P&O Ferries Ferries. You can board a ship in English Hull, after which you can comfortably proceed to Belgium or the Netherlands via Bruges or Rotterdam. On the way, you will get incredible pleasure from a leisurely and beautiful journey. This method of crossing allows you to minimize the time spent behind the wheel.

P&O Ferries cruise ferries operate between Liverpool and Dublin. The company also offers ferry flights to Larne, significantly reducing the journey from Scotland to Northern Ireland.

The company offers passengers an impressive range of onboard services, which makes the trip as comfortable and eventful as possible.


Condor Ferries

The carrier operates both high-speed and standard ferry flights between the Channel Islands, France and England. The company has been present on the market for more than half a century and initially operated flights between France and the Channel Islands. Today, the carrier also provides regular communication between the islands and France with the UK.

Every year Condor Ferries transports over a million passengers and several hundred thousand vehicles. A significant event for the company was the launching of a new generation ferry "Liberation" with a length of more than 100 meters. It was this vessel that became the pearl of the Condor Ferries fleet and, concurrently, the debut ferry of this type in all of Northern Europe.

On board the company's ferries, passengers are offered a high level of service and a wide range of amenities, including a rich selection of cafeterias and bars, a play area for children, a currency exchange point. The company offers flights with convenient departure from the ports of Poole, Portsmouth, Weymouth.


Stena Line

The company is one of the leading in the world and is ready to offer customers a huge selection of flights on high-speed and standard vessels. Flights operate between the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the Baltic and Ireland.

Stena Line has its head office in Gothenburg and has been on the market for 60 years. To date, the company has over 5,000 employees. Every year, the company sends at least 7 million passengers, more than 1.5 million vehicles and 2 million trucks. The huge scale of the company does not prevent it from preserving long-standing traditions and remaining a family business. At the same time, Stena Line continues to expand the network of routes through their purchase or creation. This allows the company to lead in the breadth of choice of ferry flights on ferry ships around the world. One of the most important additions for the company is the appearance of a flight connecting Ireland and France.



The carrier offers passengers the widest network of regular ferry flights across the Baltic. The routes connecting Finland, Sweden, Germany, the åland Islands and Russia.

Finnlines is the leading representative among ferry operators in the North Sea and the Baltic. This operator is ready to offer an incredibly high level of service in the key ports of Finland.

The company's ferry vessels are presented in a wide model range and are classified by capacity. Each ferry is equipped with modern technology, has luxurious and stylish interiors. The company's ferries are relatively "young": their average service life does not exceed 10 years.

The company's ferries are designed specifically for harsh climatic conditions, which allows them to easily cut through the ice. On board the ferries, every passenger can enjoy a calm atmosphere, comfortable conditions and excellent service.



One of the leading ferry companies in Europe operates flights between mainland Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and Tremiti. The company performs a huge number of ferry flights and is ready to provide passengers with the most comfortable conditions. By the way, most of the company's flights are high-speed.

Every year, the company performs more than 62,000 ferry crossings, covering a distance of 4 million miles. The company carries 13.5 million passengers and 2 million vehicles.

The cabins of the Tirrenia ferry ships are made in the style of cruise liners. The great advantage of the company's fleet is its young age. At the moment, the average age of ferries is no more than 5 years, which makes it possible to call the Tirrenia fleet one of the most modern in the entire Mediterranean. On the most popular routes, the company is able to transport up to 3,000 passengers and almost 1,000 cars at speeds up to 30 knots. A wide range of services at the level of leading European carriers is available on board the company's ferry ships.


Viking Line

One of the world's leading ferry operators operates regular ferry flights between Finland, Sweden and the Aland Islands. The company also offers routes between Estonia and Finland.

The company's ferry vessels are famous for their impeccable level of service, a variety of entertainment programs, a rich selection of drinks and delicious dishes of the author's cuisine. All this allows the company to send more than 6 million passengers annually.