Pros and cons of ferries in comparison with other modes of transport

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One of the most important types of transport for passenger and cargo transportation is a ferry. This watercraft cannot be called new: rather, it belongs to the traditional.

Thanks to ferry flights, it is possible to cross water spaces quickly and without obstacles, and then continue the route overland by private transport. The history of operation of ferries is very rich and demonstrates the reliability of these vessels on difficult and difficult routes.

The importance of ferries for passenger and cargo transportation

The water space has practically no borders. Thanks to the sea connection, the population of different countries can exchange the most important goods and cargo, as well as easily overcome huge distances. Waterways provide communication between distant states and islands, which is of particular importance for the world economy. It is often possible to transport certain goods only by ferry.

Many rivers are so full-flowing that the construction of bridges for communication is virtually impossible for various reasons. Thanks to ferry flights, stable communication is provided, comfortable transport interchanges are created.

Next, we will take a detailed look at the key advantages and disadvantages of ferry transportation. This will help you decide on the right transport for travel or cargo delivery.


About the advantages of ferries

The strongest side of this type of transport in front of planes, trains and buses is the highest level of comfort combined with affordable prices. At the same time, it is important to remember that traveling by ferry requires a lot of time, which may not be relevant in some cases.

Moving by ferry cannot be called a full-fledged alternative to air travel. It can take a very long time to overcome water routes, which makes ferry flights the most suitable for tourists. For strictly business trips, it is better to look at faster ways of moving.

At the same time, ferry flights have an important advantage over all others: a passenger can load personal transport on this vessel. Of course, this service is provided for an additional fee. Last but not least, the ferry crossing is ideal for passengers suffering from aerophobia.

Let's make a brief comparison of the ferry with the boat:

About the disadvantages of ferries

There are no perfect swimming facilities, and ferries also have their weaknesses. The main disadvantage of ferries, travelers often call the monotony of the landscape. During the entire journey from the deck, you can only observe the endless expanse of water. By the way, some travelers find a special charm in this and enjoy the tranquility during the trip.

Another significant disadvantage of ferry flights is their duration. Sometimes it takes an incredibly long time to move from the point of departure to the destination. This can be considered a conditional disadvantage: ferries are equipped with all amenities and entertainment services for a comfortable and meaningful cruise.


Pros and cons of cargo ferry transportation

Ferry cargo transportation has a number of advantages:

Cargo ferry crossings have some weaknesses:

And yet the minor disadvantages of ferry services cannot outweigh their obvious advantages. Traveling by ferry is comfortable, profitable and very convenient, which is much more important than conventional disadvantages. Ferries are no less relevant for cargo transportation: they provide fast and unhindered delivery of important goods over long distances.