The most beautiful ferry cruises

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A ferry cruise is not only a great way to enjoy the beauty of the seascapes and take a lot of memorable photos. Among other things, a ferry cruise can give you an incredible experience and maximum comfort during your vacation. Sea cruises are very popular, especially during the holiday season.

Why is the ferry cruise so popular?

Modern ferry operators are ready to offer a variety of routes with beautiful views and scenic city tours. During the cruise, passengers can enjoy the most beautiful cities: Stockholm, Naples, Helsinki, Turku, Tallinn, Athens, Venice, Barcelona, etc. Ferry cruises give the best views of the pearls of the coasts of even the most inaccessible corners of the planet.

If you plan to see all the beauty of the area, a ferry cruise is your choice. This type of travel always includes walking and car excursions, walks to local attractions, visits to shrines and museums.


Ferries are comfort and a high level of service

Boarding a cruise ship, a passenger becomes a guest of a fashionable floating "hotel". On board the modern ferry, all the necessary amenities are provided for a comfortable and meaningful rest. On the decks of the ship you can find restaurant complexes, bars, casinos, karaoke, swimming pools, spas, play areas for children and much more. This level of equipment makes a ferry cruise a truly comfortable and fulfilling vacation.

This article is dedicated to the most beautiful ferry cruises with scenic routes. Take the article into service and plan your trip today!

Greece – Italy Cruise (Patras — Venice route)

As part of this ferry cruise, passengers can move from Greece to Italy in just one day. Departure from the Greek Patras is carried out in the evening, but in the morning you will be able to observe the amazing beauty of the views of the island of Corfu. Then throughout the day you will dissect the azure waters of the Adriatic, and the next morning you will find yourself at the pier of Venice. To enjoy the beautiful views to your heart's content, we recommend disembarking and walking around the island, after which you can get to the Apennine Peninsula by another ferry.

Cruise in Spain (Puerto del Rosario — Las Palmas route)

The Canary Islands are so beautiful that tourists just don't want to leave them. It is enough to visit them only once to revive the memory of local beauties all year after year. For completeness, we recommend that travelers explore the rest of the archipelago. As part of the cruise, you can proceed to Gran Canaria, stay on the water for about 7 hours and explore the coastal areas of the island in detail. An alternative solution is to choose a short cruise from Tenerife to La Gomera and then to the small but very beautiful island of El Hierro.


Norway Cruise (Aalesund — Geiranger Fjord route)

The most picturesque places in Norway can be observed by buying tickets for a cruise from Aalesund to the small settlement of Geirager. By the way, the fjord of the same name is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the amazing natural beauties untouched by man. On the territory of the fjord there are many high waterfalls, crystal clear and transparent bays. To spend time meaningfully, you should stay in the town of Aalesund. Here you will definitely take a lot of memorable photos and enjoy the local nature.

Norwegian Sognefjord Cruise

The fjords of Norway are famous for their incredible beauty, but the Flom – Gundwagen route along the Sognefjord Bay stands out against the general background. This bay is the European record holder not only in length, but also in depth. That is why the locals nicknamed it the "royal fjord". During the cruise, passengers will be able to observe amazing views of the bay and coastal areas.

Ferry cruise from Turku

Sea travel in this archipelago is rich, but at the same time does not cause fatigue among tourists. As part of the cruise, passengers are offered a rich entertainment program, as well as magnificent views of the beauties of the Turku archipelago and the Aland Islands.

Sweden Ferry cruise to Ystad and Visby

Ystad and Visby are two fabulously beautiful cities in Sweden, as if descended from the pages of children's books with stories. These cities are famous for their unique half-timbered houses, as well as luxurious mansions of smugglers. Visby is known for its rich Hanseatic history, fortress vaults, beautiful flowers and a warm welcome from the locals. Both cities have long beaches, and therefore it is better to visit them in the summer season.

Fans of memorable photos will certainly appreciate the authenticity of the city of Ystad. Its main advantage is the preservation of canonical half–timbered architecture and old quarters. In fact, this city has remained unchanged since the Middle Ages.

Visby is ideal for a family cruise and walks with children. Interesting places for photos are here on almost every corner. Especially this town will be loved by fans of fresh flowers: the houses and restaurants of Visby are literally drowning in luxurious and fragrant roses.


Denmark — Iceland Cruise (Esbjerg — Seidisfjordur route)

A unique ferry cruise, designed for 7 days, allows you to sail from Esbjerg to the largest city of the fjords of Iceland – Seidisfjordur. This city is surrounded by dense impassable hills and a dozen waterfalls. As part of the trip, the ferry stops in the Faroe Islands and disembarks passengers for excursions to the local beauties. We recommend taking the time to walk around the surroundings of Torshavn. Here you can take a lot of beautiful photos of grazing sheep and green meadows,

Tallinn Day Cruise

An express cruise through the most beautiful medieval city will be full of vivid impressions and emotions. The ferry departs from the capital of Finland every evening and departs from Tallinn the next day. The standard cruise package includes a ticket, accommodation in a cabin from Helsinki.

Tallinn is a small, but rich in sights city. Travelers will be able to enjoy the beauty of medieval fortresses, shrines, castles, picturesque park areas, old taverns, museums and exhibitions.

Cruise in Sweden (with a visit to the Unibaken Museum)

The Unibaken Museum can be called a fabulous place without exaggeration. Once in it, children are immersed in the atmosphere of magic and wonder. It is worth booking tickets for a cruise with a visit to the Stockholm Museum in advance due to high demand. For early booking, a discount of up to 20% is available for individual cabins.

As part of the visit to Unibaken, children can chat with the heroes of Swedish fairy tales, have fun in Pippi Longstocking's house and take many memorable photos.

Turkish Ferry Cruise (Golden Horn)

A short, but very informative cruise with a length of 5 km, allows you to appreciate the beauty of the coastal zone of the Golden Horn. Over the years, a trace of the vital activity of dozens of different civilizations has been preserved on these lands. It is here that the famous Egyptian spice market is based, as well as the amazing Galata Tower, built in the 19th century.

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Sea trip to the High Coast of Sweden and Hernesand

An entertaining cruise, the essence of which is to experience all the beauty of the local nature and simultaneously enjoy comfort. A particularly magnificent view opens from the upper decks of the ferry: passengers can observe the wooded islands and the iridescent mother-of-pearl sea. But that's not all: there is a lot of entertainment available on board the ferry, including delicious cuisine, shopping, and a play area for children.

Canadian Cruise (from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert)

In the western part of Canada and the province of British Columbia, ships depart from the city of Port Hardy (northeast of Vancouver) and proceed to Prince Rupert (Cayenne Island). For 14 hours, until the ferry overcomes a distance of 400 km, passengers can see enough of the beauty of the rocky mountains, tiny islands overgrown with dense coniferous vegetation. It is possible that travelers will be able to capture local representatives of fauna, as well as observe killer whales.

Chilean cruise on the fjords of Patagonia

In 4 days, travelers cover about 1.3 km along the Chilean coast, following the icy shores of Patagonia. During the cruise, you can observe the snow-covered Andes, admire majestic icebergs and the largest South American glacier with an area of 64 km.

Cruise from Hong Kong to Kowloon Peninsula

A short premium class cruise paves the way through the wooded, incredibly beautiful places of the center of Hong Kong to the Kowloon Peninsula. This route is worth traveling at night, when the skyscrapers light up with countless lights, the sky turns purple sunset. For the most vivid impressions, travelers are advised to proceed to the restaurant located on the roof of ferry pier No. 7.

Short Australian cruise

In just 30 minutes, the cruise ferry transports passengers past the key attractions of the Australian capital. Travelers will admire the futurism of the Opera House, the famous Harbor Bridge, numerous skyscrapers and park areas. Further, the urbanism of the views is replaced by small islands built up with mansions in medieval style. Also during the cruise there is a magnificent view of the rocks, abundantly overgrown with eucalyptus trees. If tourists are lucky, you can watch flocks of dolphins and a southern whale here.